Boy, Age: 16
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
ectopia and limited motions of right lower limb
Listed: Mar 2016
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Daryl came into care as a newborn with a broken leg.

Update: Lively, cheerful, loves playing with other kids and expresses his needs clearly. This boy likes to play ball and with toy cars. He attends school, can speak in full sentences, identifies colors, numbers and can dress and undress himself. He is with a foster family and gets along well with others.

Dec 2013 report indicates that his cognitive and speech development are the same as his peers. He has limitations with his right leg and has an abnormal hip joint. We have video of him walking down stairs, walking to the playground, swinging, and playing on a toy car. His report indicates there are no other medical concerns. In the dancing show held by the institute on June 1st which was Children’s day, Daryl’s dance together with his rich facial expressions, harmonious hand movements and excellent shows, won warm applause of audiences time and again. Everybody couldn’t help being filled with deep esteem to this five-year-old little kid who is disabled in body but firm in spirit. He is a little “Man” full of responsibility and justice. When bringing younger brothers and sisters playing outside every time, he will undertake the duty of their “protector”, and never allow others bully his younger brothers and sisters. If other children have conflict in the kindergarten, Daryl will always stand out and take charge of justice, and resolve disputes for them. Both his teammates and his teachers praise him for his good behavior. He understands his foster parents’ hard working and always feels grateful to his parents. When his mother is sick, he will always take care of her and get her water. Every day when his father goes back home after work, he always takes slippers for him, gets him water, and pats on his back. He always says that he should study hard, and should be filial to his parents after grown up. Daryl not only studies well, but also very talented. He likes singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. When dancing, because of the limitation of his physical condition, he can’t jump as other little kids, but he never admits defeat, and waves his hands with music, striving to make the best movement.