Damian #

Boy, Age: 16
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
mild mental delay with disturbances in speech and behavioral deviations; deficits in the cognitive, intellectual and social development.
Listed: Sep 2020
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Damian is able to speak and understand everything but prefers using mimics and gestures to communicate.

He prefers sporting and free activities. He orientates well and quickly when solving puzzles. He likes riding a bicycle, playing with pins and mini-soccer.

Damian participates in playing activities, both individual and group, but often does not follow the rules. Damian is able to make his bed when he gets up. He can fold his clothes and tidy his wardrobe. He needs to be reminded about maintaining his personal hygiene and shows no interest in acquiring skills for cleaning and maintaining his personal space, cleaning utensils and other daily activities.

Damian eats well and sleeps calmly. His attitude towards possible adoption is positive.