Boy, Age: 9
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
quadriplegic cerebral palsy
Listed: Jan 2018
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January 2022 Update: Connor is a sweet, kind, gentle soul with captivating dark brown eyes. He has displayed the ability to cultivate deep connections with a trusted caregiver. The cheeky boy that he is, he loves to wiggle and kick when being fed with his feeding tube. He laughs and laughs as the nurse struggles to administer his feeding!

He loves playing on the trampoline when the staff make him bounce really high! He likes sitting with the adults and being engaged in their conversations and always wants to be involved in whatever is happening in the home.

Connor can identify his body parts and knows his colours in sign language. His favourite colour is blue. His favourite animal is a monkey and he likes the song Five Little Monkeys. He jumps, scoots, rolls and laughs when he hears it! He likes fashion and beams with excitement when he wears a new outfit and staff take his picture!

Connor can sit independently for a few minutes at a time and is able to turn his head to sounds without losing his balance. He is non-verbal but very communicative in other ways. He is now upright for most of the day, in his wheelchair. Being able to tolerate sitting upright for so long has really decreased respiratory issues that he struggled with when he was younger. He would make a wonderful son and his heart longs for a family and deep connection with others.