Boy, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome and anal atresia
Listed: Jul 2018
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Conner is an adorable little boy, born in May of 2014 with down syndrome and anal atresia. He has had three surgeries, including a colostomy and anoplasty. Conner receives early childhood education and rehabilitation to work on his cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and language abilities. After just two months of this, he started learning how to make friends, share, and get around better. Conner likes giving his foster siblings kisses and helping hold their bottles for them. He will even help wipe their mouths like a good big brother. Over time, he has learned how to feed himself with a spoon. He can take off his own shoes and likes to organize all the other shoes. He tries to put on his own socks and shoes, but needs a little assistance getting the shoes on the right feet. He can understand simple language, basic directions, and he reads facial expressions very well. When he sees his foster mother smiling at him, he will smile back, be good, and snuggle up in her arms quietly. If someone is looking at him with a not so nice face, he will make a serious face and play by himself. He gets upset when he is criticized for making a bad choice.

Conner can go up and down stairs on his own now. He has been watching his foster mother carefully over time and has learned how to help his foster mother care for his younger foster sister. He can put his little sister’s diaper, sweater, shoes, socks and coat near his foster mother’s side in sequence and throw her used diaper into the trash can. He can call “dad, dad, mom, mom.” Conner likes watching cartoons and listening to and dancing to children’s songs. He can choose his favorite picture book and ‘read.’ Conner also enjoys painting, playing with play dough, and stringing the toy blocks. He likes playing outdoors with other children too. There, he will help pick fruit, look for flowers, and dig in the dirt. He is said to be happy every day! We know Conner’s going to make a great son! Could your family be the one Conner will call his forever family?