Girl, Age: 9
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Oct 2017
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June 2021 Written Update:

Her cognitive abilities match with a two and a half year-old kid. She has developmental delays. Her language skills and cognitive skills are low. She can dress and undress herself, put on and take off her shoes alone, eat by herself, and cover herself with a quilt. She is potty trained. She knows how to go alone to the bathroom or how to ask someone to take her there. She is stubborn. When someone criticizes her, she will be annoyed and sometimes cry. Her gross motor skills are fine. She can run, jump, climb stairs. She can walk independently horizontally on the balance beam. She can eat by herself with a spoon. She does not know to write, but she can draw and color. She can say some letters and repeat a few words. She can follow simple instructions. She loves to play with the other kids her age. She is very active and happy when playing with her peers. She does not have a special attachment to someone, but she has a very good relationship with all the kids.

Updated from 2019: Coco is an adorable and smart little girl, who loves to interact with others! Coco learns so much by observing her nannies. One of her caregivers shared this sweet story in her file: “I asked her “Coco, Where are your ears?” She didn’t seem to know. I touched her ear with my hand and told her “Coco’s ears are here.” Then I pulled my own ears as well and repeated telling her “ear, ear.” Then after about three minutes of playing, I asked her again “where are Coco’s ears?” She thought a while, looked at me, walked to me, and pulled my ears. We all laughed! Then I asked again “Where are Coco’s ears?” She then withdrew her hands and touched her own ears.” Coco goes to preschool in her orphanage. Right now she is learning how to count and recognize Chinese characters. She can say simple words and phrases. She plays well with other children and she can follow her nanny’s instructions.

MANY VIDEOS are available of this darling girl!  The videos below are from a 2021 update!

Families qualify for a $2,500 subsidy with her current adoption agency.