Girl, Age: 10
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: May 2017
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Carlie is an adorable little girl! Carlie loves colorful toys and any activities outdoors! Carlie was found in a flower bed under a bridge and came into care at approximately 4-5 months of age. At that time, she could hold her head up and put her hands in front of her eyes to look and play. By one year of age, she could babble, laugh when playing with others, sit with support, roll over, and move toys from one hand to the other. At two, she could sit independently, crawl, and turn the pages of books. She also became very attached to her caregiver. By three, she could stand while holding onto something and put objects into a cup and take them out. Carlie is currently attending a school inside her orphanage. She gets along well with the other children, but is quiet and uses words like aunt and teacher, but not clearly. As of fall, she was not yet potty trained. When Carlie meets new people, she will wave her hands and blow them a kiss- a little charmer! When others are showing her attention, she will smile and approach them on her own. She is a well-behaved little girl.