Boy, Age: 14
Primary Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus
Robinow syndrome, external-internal hydrocephalus, mental delay, secondary cardiomyopathy, minor heart anomaly, nanism, secondary enzyme defect, recurrent bronchitis
Listed: Apr 2015
**** I am eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant ****
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From a family who adopted in 2016: I did not personally meet him, but he was in my son’s institution when we were there just two months ago. The village where this institution is located is small and very safe. The hotel has modern amenities and is owned by an English speaking local who will take very good care of you and feed you very well! The locals are friendly and helpful to Americans. The institution is a quick and easy walk from the hotel. We were the second family to ever adopt from this institution and the judge in this region waived the ten day wait for both of us. I would be more than happy to talk to those interested in adopting from this institution. We had an excellent experience here!