Boy, Age: 6
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: Jan 2020
*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant from Reece’s Rainbow! Through 2023, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant! ***
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January 2020 Written update: Bryson attends a classroom during the day and lives with a foster family at night. There are four children living in the foster family and he is the youngest. During the day, he is active in the classroom. He goes back home for lunch and a nap. He has little language. He can understand and follow simple instructions. He likes to interact with people and laugh. He is not potty trained and needs to be fed. Sometimes he will grab the spoon and try to feed himself. He has a gentle personality.

2017 update: Bryson is a cute and smiley little boy! At the age of 1.5, Bryson was transferred to a foster family. Bryson’s foster mom sends him to a program in the orphanage during the day. She picks him up for lunch and to bring him home at night. There are a few others kids from the orphanage in his foster family too! Bryson has good motor skills. He can walk and run well. Sometimes he crawls back and forth on the toy shelf. Bryson likes snacks and can pick out biscuits and deliver them to the caretaker to let the caretaker help tear the package open. He can understand simple instructions and is pleased to finish things that he is allowed to do. Bryson can distinguish between familiar people and strangers. He can walk over and give a hug to express affection after seeing a familiar caretaker. He is not afraid of strangers.

If you hold his hand and say “let’s play outdoors, Bryson,” he is happy to pull your hand to walk to the door. Bryson understands his daily schedule well. He can take off his shoes and walk to the activity room when he arrives to the center each weekday morning. When his foster mom picks him up at noon for lunch, she will call his name at the door and he will run to the mom and leave the activity room. He often runs ahead on the way home and will stop to touch and look at interesting things. Bryson likes playing outdoors. His caretaker takes him to play outdoors on sunny days. He also likes music and dancing. He can shake his body along to the beat and will imitates a bird flying. Bryson is a good sleeper and is still in diapers. Bryson appears to be receiving good care and is doing quite well while he waits for his forever family to see him! We hope that will be soon!

There is a $1,000 Agency Grant with a specific adoption agency to help a family bring Bryson home!