Girl, Age: 15
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
FAS. Microcephaly; Other congenital valgus deformities of feet (duck toed); Coloboma of optic disc; Severe mental delays; strabismus; paralytic syndromes (cerebral palsy?)
Listed: Jun 2012
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NEW PHOTO December 2016

What a cutie! And what a world of different a head of hair would make for her, she needs to be in pigtails!

Update March 2014: Very sweet and energetic little girl, eager to play and interact. She definitely has cognitive delays, and does not speak but functions within the preschool type setting classroom of her groupa. She communicates by pointing and making sounds. She appears to have something like hemiplegia CP affecting the right side of her body, causing a bit of a drag in her leg as she walks, and causing her arm to be stiff on that side as well. She’s a happy little girl and very cute.