Girl, Age: 8
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
Listed: Jun 2020
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February 2022 Update: Blaire is a sweet, quiet child. She loves to go on walks in the neighbourhood, being pushed in her wheelchair, and likes swinging on the porch swing. Her favourite song is One Little Finger and she laughs when her staff help her do the actions.

At her last birthday party, her caregiver put makeup on her and she seemed to really enjoy all the attention as everyone crowded around her and sang to her and took pictures. She and her caregiver have a sweet relationship. At the Christmas party, her caregiver didn’t put her down as she wanted to see Blaire’s facial expressions for all the dances and treats! She bought her bangles as a gift. Most days, Blaire’s eyes follow her caregiver around the room as she moves. They even do video calls when her caregiver is on vacation!

Blaire spends most of her time upright in her wheelchair, and we have seen this help a lot with respiratory issues she struggled with when she was younger. She has a considerable head lag and very tight muscles. Her therapist stretches her out and works on strengthening to improve head, neck and trunk control. Blaire has a feeding tube and it has helped her to gain weight.

Blaire is a sweet child who lights up with 1:1 attention and would thrive in a family who will love and advocate for her.