Boy, Age: 5
significantly premature child, post-haemorrhagic obstructive hydrocephalus, chronic bronchitis, psycho-motor and physical development delay
Listed: Jul 2017
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The boy has greyish-brown eyes and brown hair. The boy smiles a lot, he likes contact with other people, is interested in toys, likes to be outside, enjoys taking bath. When the boy lays on his stomach, he tries to raise his head and hold it for a short time. He eats well porridge or root vegetables with meat, he is spoon-fed. Mostly is seated in a specialized chair with head positioning. Physiotherapist: tone imbalance. Slight spastic distally, active reflexes, weak torso; Weak head and torso control in all positions against gravity. In lying down on the back position the head is turned to the right, turns to the abdomen without lifting his head from the surface. The head in comparison to body proportionally large. Poor attention and motivation persistence. Interested in flashing, scintillating texture items. Emotionally labile. The development dynamics is minimal.