Girl, Age: 7
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Listed: May 2017
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Precious Azalea is a 1.5-year-old baby girl who is quiet and introverted. She likes it when her foster parents hold her outside while on a walk. Azalea loves to babble to greet familiar faces and voices, but is afraid of strangers. She also loves the sounds of bells and music. If she is crying and music is turned on, she will stop crying immediately and look around for the source of the sound with her eyes open wide. Azalea does not like to take a bath-she will scream before even getting wet. Her foster parents have to be patient and comfort her until she adjusts to the bath. Azalea’s file was completed when she was 8 months old- at that time she was not able to crawl or stand, but could sit with support. She was using facial expressions and babbling to respond to her foster family talking to her. Azalea responds to her name being called, looks for the source of the sound, and recognizes familiar people and objects. She is newly listed and we’re hoping her family sees her and can bring her home while she’s still so young!