Boy, Age: 15
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Albinism
Albinism, Developmental delays
Listed: Apr 2016
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Austyn is a miracle-in-the-making. He is significantly developmentally delayed in all areas. As he was previously in an institutionalized setting, he has made tremendous strides since arriving at the New Day Foster Home. Many have been praying for this special young boy and cheering for him. Recently, his adoption file has been completed in country, and he can now be officially matched with his forever family.

Austyn is introverted, has a ready smile, likes music, likes snuggling and is full of energy. A special education teacher at New Day provided an extensive report describing his delays, which is available for prospective adoptive families. These delays include limited mobility, non-verbal communication and in the past he had experienced trouble chewing and swallowing food, but is now able. He is progressing in mobility and is able to walk unassisted for short periods of time although prefers to have something to hold on to. Austyn also has low vision, which is associated with the condition of albinism, but he does see and recognize things. Austyn is attached to his main caregivers and benefits from predictability and routine. He is hypersensitive to most sensory experiences and exhibits many self-stimulation behaviors when he is over stimulated (relaxing and gentle music can help him calm). Austyn is attending preschool each afternoon for an hour and 15 minutes. For most activities Austyn has a helper that works one-on-one with him.

According to the special education teacher, “With the consistency of a loving family and a team of educators and therapists, Austyn will continue to make progress in all areas of his development.”

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