Girl, Age: 13
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
congenital cleft palate and a slightly dilated ventricular system
Listed: Feb 2013
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Athena is a sweet little girl who has been diagnosed with congenital cleft palate and a slightly dilated ventricular system.

Listed: Feb 22, 2013

Athena is an active child who likes riding on the wood horse in the institute. She likes playing with toys and rattles and her favorite toy is the toy bee. Athena likes communicating and playing with her caregivers. She likes to crawl and receive hugs too.

Update 2015:
Athena is a delicate little one who will be 5 years old in February. She came into care when she was about 5 months old and was found to have a cleft palate (no cleft lip), pneumonia, and lots of insect bites. Athena’s main file is almost 3 years old, although there is a brief update and photos from last September. Athena has some slight dilation of the ventricular system, per her medical. As of 4 months ago, she could crawl, and stand with assistance, but could not stand or walk without help. Her palate has not been repaired, thus her speech is very delayed. Athena is active, and enjoys riding the rocking horse. She has favorite toys, and delights in getting them before the other kids! They do not know the cause of Athena’s motor delays, but we do know she needs a loving family and good medical care. Athena is a very loving little girl, who asks for hugs. Are you her family?