Girl, Age: 14
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
congenital hip dislocation; mild to moderate delays
Listed: Jun 2019
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Angela is smart, cute and active, and has dimples when she smiles. She gets along well with other kids, and is willing to share food and toys with other kids, willing to do something within her power. She has good physical quality, seldom gets sick, and she is an obedient and cute girl.

From an adoptive family who met her: she was very sweet. She leaves each day to go to regular school in the city. She just finished 2nd grade. She said her favorite class is music class. She walks with a slight limp but gets around very well. When we were visiting she was helping take care of some of the severe needs kids in her class. She seemed shy but she did talk to our interpreter a fair bit.

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