Girl, Age: 6
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
microcephalus, cerebral palsy, developmental delays – speech, motor, cognitive (does not speak); sensory integration disorder
Listed: Sep 2021
has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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The agency has many photos and videos of Allison that can’t be shared publicly. Allison is described as vibrant and friendly. She likes to cuddle with caregivers. She likes to play with any toy given to her, and she is still learning how to properly play with different types of toys.

Allison has cerebral palsy and microcephalus. She is delayed developmentally. Allison is able to pull herself to standing (we have video of her doing this!) and can stand alone without support for 10-20 seconds. She can also take a few steps when holding onto something for support. She responds to her name but is not yet saying any words.

Allison’s birth mother made the difficult decision to make an adoption plan for Allison so that she can receive the best care available. Her birth mother visits her at the children’s home on a regular basis. I’m sure it would ease her birth mother’s mind to know that Allison has a loving family who is able to meet her needs and help her thrive.


Update April 2020:Allison enjoys watching cartoons and playing with stimulating toys; especially ones with sound and light!  Allison communicates through giggles and physical contact.  Allison has global developmental delays and needs a family who can celebrate her and help her reach her full potential.