Allison #

Girl, Age: 15
Primary Diagnosis: Other Special Needs
Developmental Delay, Speech Delay
Listed: Oct 2017
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Allison is a beautiful, giggly girl who lives with a foster family in Eastern Europe. Allison is an active child. She runs, jumps, catches a ball with two hands or kicks it with a leg, and climbs and descends stairs with the support of a railing. Allison likes to connect with others, is interested in other children, and includes them in her games. She enjoys playing with dolls and likes to show others all her toys.

Allison enjoys the extra attention she receives from her foster parents.

Allison is physically healthy. She is eating well, and her weight and height are catching up with the standards for her age. She has some developmental delays that her caregivers attribute to early neglect and lack of stimulation. Allison has difficulty pronouncing some words, and her learning is below the norm for her age. She was in first grade last school year, and the foster family said she loves to go to school.