Alexei #

Boy, Age: 5
hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy; multicystic encephalopathy; nonobstructive internal and external hydrocephalus; epilepsy; cavernous hemangioma; umbilical hernia; specific developmental disorder of the motor function.
Listed: May 2022
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This is the case of a male child born with extremely low weight (grade III immaturity) and heavy early neonatal period (intubation in the first minutes after his birth; seizures). Later he had disorder of the central nervous system, i.e. hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, multicystic encephalopathy, internal and external hydrocephalus. The child is in an impaired general state of health; he takes opisthotonos position; he has spastic quadriparesis and repeated day and night tonic seizures against the background of anticonvulsant therapy; myorelaxant medication is applied. He is not subject to surgical treatment and insertion of a VP shunt.
The child needs special care and supervision by medical specialists.

He depends completely on the staff taking care of him and often has respiratory infections. He takes food from a bottle and hardly takes in the quantity of food determined for him, and throws out from time to time. The boy reacts to speech and when being touched.

Alexei exhibits no interest to contact other children. He easily makes tactile contacts with adults with no resistance, including with strangers.

The child depends on the staff of the institution. Diapers are used; he does not communicate his physiological needs by crying. Sleeping routine: he naps in the day and sleeps at night; he easily falls asleep and easily wakes up. He has a routine in receiving proper food and liquids distributed over time.