Girl, Age: 8
Country Code: Asia.2
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy
premature (29 wks), respiratory distress syndrome at birth – on ventilator, diagnosed w/Herpes simplex virus type 2 infection, HSV meningoencephalitis, Bilateral HSV pneumonitis, Bilateral Intraventricular Hemorrhage grade I, Respiratory acidosis, neonatal seizure, Neonatal jaundice, and Hypocalcemia at birth; CP (left side weaker than right), had feeding tube until Jan. 2019, overall developmental delays; BM smoked & used painkillers/stomach meds while pregnant, painkillers/stomach meds while pregnant
Listed: Sep 2021
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The agency was able to spend time with sweet Alanna in November, 2019. Alanna is now 6 years old. Alanna is full of giggles and cuddles. She loves music and dancing. She has such a sweet, fun personality and seems to thrive in social situations.

We last saw Alanna a year earlier in 2018, and she seemed to be much more mobile this year. She was active – bouncing and climbing on soft benches. Alanna has cerebral palsy and is weaker on her left side. Alanna is now eating solid foods – she had been using a feeding tube until January 2019. Her social worker told us she can eat a bowl of food in about 15 minutes now! She attends physical and occupational therapy once a week each. Alanna only says a few words, but her social workers state she understands most of what is said to her and she can follow one step directions. Could Alanna be your daughter?