Girl, Age: 5
Country Code: S.Asia.1
Region: South Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Deaf / HoH, Other Special Needs
“ihaveawarrior”low tone, hypothyroidism, right small kidney, left nephrocalcinosis, bilateral moderate hearing loss
Listed: Dec 2020
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Adeline is a sweet little girl who was very sick when she arrived into the care of her orphanage, but has begun thriving. She babbles, but does not yet speak. Her BERA hearing test in June 2020 showed moderate bilateral hearing loss and follow up recommended in 6 months. She is on Thyronorm medication for hypothyroidism. She has mild valvular pulmonary stenosis. No symptoms at present, so no treatment required, just routine cardio check ups. Adeline is sweet and joyful. She has appropriate attachments with adults she loves and is cautious around strangers. She is developmentally delayed, but making great progress. She has an adorable laugh! Adeline crawls and walks with a push toy or with an adult’s hands. She loves sensory play. A favorite is playing in shaving cream, and when an adult claps to make the shaving cream fly everywhere she bursts out into excited laughter! Adeline is a darling little girl, who quickly captures the hearts of all who enter her home. She would make an amazing addition to any home!