Boy, Age: 10
Country Code: Africa-2
Region: Africa
Primary Diagnosis: Limb differences
missing both lower limbs
Listed: Feb 2023
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Adam uses a wheelchair and can also move around using his hands and arms. He does not have any cognitive delays or health concerns. He was born missing both lower limbs and was abandoned shortly after birth as a result.

Adam attends school. He is doing very well in math class. He enjoys helping with housework, especially washing clothes. He enjoys going to church. He loves to dance and performs with a group from the orphanage. He gets frustrated when he cannot perform certain dance steps like his friends. He is self-conscious about people looking at him due to his missing legs. He needs a family that will help him grow into confidence with who he is. His favorite extracurricular activity is swimming. His social worker believes he can develop into a very good swimmer and that swimming is a great activity to help his confidence.