Boy, Age: 7
Region: Asia
Primary Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Down syndrome, post-operative of polydactylism of the right fingers, hearing loss
Listed: Feb 2019
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Update May 2020: New photos & video!
Abel is described as timid, shy, and gentle — and well-behaved. He is generally healthy, and not yet potty-trained. He can crawl and stand up when holding onto something, walking back and forth. He can pick up tiny things with his thumb and index finger. Abel gets along well with others, and is attached to his caretakers and granny and close to his roommates. His language is just starting to develop, but he does follow simple directions.

Abel is generally a contented child who likes to have the caregivers play games with him. He will giggle when the games include shaking rattles, mirrors, and hide-and-seek. He has general delays in walking and talking which is typical for children with Down syndrome. He enjoys being in the class with other children and he likes watching what goes on around him.

Abel’s report (from June 2017) shares that: He was weak when admitted to the class. Caregivers give him delicate care, he gradually grows up and becomes more and more lovely. At present, Abel could transfer from lying on back to lying on abdomen and vice versa, likes playing on the mattress, he would be very happy when caregivers tease him with rattles. While lying on back, caregiver shake her hand in front of him, he would giggle, smile when being teased. He often scratch his forehead or look at his hands. He would lift his head high supported with arms against the mattress, look around, play toys with handle. Abel could grasp toys on the toy shelf, try to grasp little towel covering on his face, clap his hands and laugh. He often roll for toys far away, he likes looking at the mirror, shake his head seeing himself in the mirror, try to touch himself in the mirror.


Abel has a $1,000 agency grant.