5 Siblings

Sibling Group
Ages: 9
Youngest brother has a speech & language delay
Listed: Sep 2017
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A group of five siblings from Latin America, born between 2006 and 2012 years old, have a close relationship to one another. They all attend school and it is noted that they are well integrated and adapted in their classrooms and have good relationships with their teachers and peers. A recent update indicates that they all love to go to the beach, are playful and outgoing.  Ages listed below are from 2017.

The eldest sister, D, likes school and enjoys painting and drawing. She has good interactions with others and known as an empathetic, resilient and independent young girl. She enjoys playing in groups and shows leadership skills in playful activities.

Brother O is known as a well-adjusted nine year old boy with an extroverted personality. He does well academically and is especially good at math. O enjoys playing soccer and plays three times a week. He is described as having highly developed social skills and no concerns with his development.

Sister MB is eight years old and described as well adjusted. Despite being rather shy, MB likes to play with peers and participate in group activities. She is very close to her siblings, especially her younger sister FR. MB likes to play together with FR and the sisters frequently check on each other. She has strabismus but is otherwise healthy. It is noted that she does well academically.

Seven year old FR is artistic and likes to play sports. She seeks affection appropriately from others. She has good skills in matching and has a good attention span. FR has no known medical needs.

Baby brother L is five years old and likes to play games with his peers. He has good independent living skills such as feeding himself and getting dressed. He has a speech & language delay. The agency has additional information and a recent video of their contagious laughter.