Girl: 2015

Diagnosis: Down Syndrome

Listed: Oct. 2020

This 5 year old girl born with Down syndrome in Eastern Europe is described as brave, loving and interested in activities. She adapts well to a new environment and enjoys coloring, painting, musical activities, singing and playing with toys and dolls. She is developmentally delayed and needs a loving family to help her reach her full potential.


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Boy: 2016

Listed: Oct. 2019

Special Need: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Daniel is a boy whose cognitive and physical development is close to his expected age. He is described as very curious, sweet, gentle, outgoing and has good relationships with other children. He makes good eye contact, speaks in words and sentences, implements instructions and has a sweet personality. Diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and mixed development disorder

Pictures are available from the agency.

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Girl, born March 2012
FAS and mixed development disorder, premature birth.

Listed: February 15, 2016

Summer is quiet, friendly and always smiles when she is seen by an adult. She almost eats without help – but she eats slowly. She almost goes up and down the stairway by herself. She does not want to always participate in all activities and needs extra motivation. She expresses her feelings with mimics and movements. She has started to speak and pronounces some words. Summer loves music, reading, books and swinging on the horse.

She wants adult’s attention and likes to lean on an adult, sit in their lap, and give hugs. Her fine and gross motors skills development are adequate. She is friendly with adults and children.

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Boy, born 2014

FAS and delayed development. Mathis recently had surgery to repair his cleft palate. He has physical and psychomotor delays.

Listed: February 15, 2016

Mathis has a problem eating and is fed with a tube although he has learned to suck a bottle and can eat mashed food. He still receives liquids from a tube. His language skills are weak. He can walk holding on to something and is crawling. He has started to walk, climb, and manipulate toys and objects. He is doing very well and his development in general is very optimistic.

Description from a visiting family: peaceful, gentle, and enjoys adult attention. He understands the language and is very observant. Mathis is calm, quiet, crawls, responsive, content, alert, survivor, easily comforted.

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Boy, born June 2005
Down syndrome, mixed development disorder, low IQ, and is nonverbal

Listed: October 30, 2015

Garrett is very active, attachable, and helpful.  Look at that beautiful smile he has!  He loves to jump on the trampoline and ball and swing. He loves to go for walks and enjoys cartoons and shows about nature and animals. He attends a special school and is in the 4th grade. He has difficulty communicating with other children.

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Girl, born August 2010

Elena has been diagnosed with specific mixed developmental disorder, FAS, language and speech developmental disorder, functional heart murmur, hypermetropic astigmatism, and sub-atrophia of the visual nerve. Her cleft palate was repaired.

Listed: August 17, 2015

Elena is very smart and collects all the information about what is going on around her. She knows all the details about every child. She is speaking a lot, asking questions, and can explain situations. She follows directions and redirection and knows the routine. She eats by herself and does need any help, drinks from a cup, asks when she needs to go and use the bathroom and dresses herself without help. Speaks in 2-3 words sentences, her speech becomes more clear as the speech therapist is working with her. She recognizes objects in pictures, knows colors but does not yet count. She likes educational activities very much. She is friendly with children and plays with them well. She is always seeking attention from adults and likes to come up and to complain about things just to get personal contact. She gets upset when she does not get attention when she needs it and scratches herself when this happens.

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Girl born March, 2006
Moderate mental delay; congenital heart defect, has had surgery to repair; developmental delays; farsightedness. She is currently receiving speech therapy and physiotherapy.

Listed: May 20, 2012

From 2010 report: Maddie is alert and likes to engage. She is helpful, likes to help with the younger children. Her walking in unsteady and is described as “crooked”. Understands simple orders, but in various activities she does not fully understand what is being asked of her. Maddie is determined to be independent and tries to perform everything herself. She enjoys helping others, likes to clean up when she sees a mess. Her fine motor skills need improvement. She seeks out attention. She likes to observe and then imitate. She is protective of her toys. Speech is significantly delayed at this time. She says few words (thank you, bye, this, no, uncle, mom). She enjoys singly loudly in her own little language.

Isn’t Maddie adorable? She would fit right in as “Mommy’s little helper”

The girl is well disposed towards school: she already can sit by the table with help completes the tasks, for a short time started to concentrate her attention to the task she is interested in. She is able to complete the task if proper motivation is provided. Still the girl’s activities in general are chaotic, non-meaningful and in consecutive order. She understands short instructions. General knowledge about herself and environment still are limited. She can show some items in her surrounding environment. Speaks in sounds/words, short words which needs the correction; is able to express her wishes, emotions, understands when misbehaved and comes close to a person and touches saying sorry and expressing her apology. She always asks when need to go to the bathroom and walks accompanied by the teacher‘s assistant. Her hygiene skills needs to be improved, but they are in place. The school bus takes Maddie from care institution and brings her back.

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Boy, born Nov 2008
mixed developmental disorder, FAS, light level of hearing disorder, body carriage disorder, hypertrophia, low height.

Listed: September 24, 2013

Update as of January 2013:   He has no preferred activity; his play is chaotic and he is easily distracted.   Child can name and show his body parts, recognizes objects in the pictures, knows and names colors, but needs help in putting correctly the pyramids rings, but if he is helped – then achieves the task, puts together puzzle out of 3-5 pieces.

Riley is very emotional. He seeks contact with other persons and obviously expresses joy when he is provided with individual attention. He most often communicates by mimicking, but he has started to speak – still his articulation is not correct, his language comprehension still has some limits.

Sometimes he has difficulty during the eating time, and needs assistance with hygiene/self-care.  His balance and coordination is disturbed. Riley has difficulty to follow the rules and order in the group.  Riley’s behavior sometimes distracts other children’s activities. He has been observed to have self-aggression. His mood changes often.

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Boy, born June 2007
mixed developmental disorder and FAS

Listed: September 24, 2013

Update from Dec 2012:
After arrival the boy had attachment difficulty to the other children, had hard time while sleeping, was angry and upset, would not play with other children, his language was not clear, would cry without reason, would not eat and only chew the food, had difficulty walking.

Now Jovan’s language is clear, he has learned to dress himself, and washes himself without help.  His walking skill improved very much, his walk is good, runs, walks up and down the stairway, but due to the delayed development he sometimes makes movements with his hands and it seems that it is hard to control this.

Jovan is very good boy, likes to be closed to a person, communicates with social worker, is sensitive. He has good memory, likes to tell stories and is very happy when the care giver is listening to him and asks questions as he likes to answer the questions. Is able to learn a short poem by heart, likes to play and participate at the musical activities. Has a very good sense for rhythm, dances. Likes to work with puzzles, and coloring books. Can name animals, colors, knows letters and numbers, is very noticeable and polite. But sometimes is upset and stubborn, it is observed if communication with him is gentle his stubbornness disappears and he becomes of a very good mood.

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Boy, born Nov 2011
Encephalopatia due to mother’s alcohol use, Inborn hypotrophia, CMV infection (citomegalovirus), Specific mixed developmental disorder, Bilateral Neuritis cochlearis, Low weight and height growth, Heart murmur

Listed: September 5, 2013

As of June 2013:
Bentley is mostly passive, his muscles are weak. He can not sit, stand or walk on his own. He does not like to have a close contact with a person, cries when is picked up. Bentley likes to sit in a special chair and rock. Sometimes the boy pronounces accidental sounds. Does not picks up yet toys in to his hands, when is talked to – does not react. Sometimes when he sits alone it was observed that he started to smile. He needs help while eating and drinking. Child’s motor development is delayed, compared to his age.

The picture is older; the agency hopes to have an updated picture soon.

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Boy, born 2009

Down syndrome, specific mixed developmental disorder, features of autism, farsightedness, atopic dermatitis, functional heart murmur, hydrocephalus. Due to a difficult birth, he was born with pneumonia, and intubated for a few days.

Listed: July 7, 2013

From a family who met him in 2015:  “Heinrich ran right up to me and asked to go up, and then enjoyed a play session full of jumping. He definitely has a lot of energy, and I was amazed at his gross motor skills. He loved the play area’s rocking horse!”

UPDATE as of June 2015:  Heinrich continues to make great improvements. He is communicating and asked to be picked up. He is strong, happy, and loves attention.

Update as of April 2013:  His development is delayed; he recently started to walk without help, but not yet steady. Emotions are weak, play activity is primitive, throws away toys, turns them around, puts into the mouth, sucks his fingers, makes stereotypic movements with his head, swings.   He’s not yet speaking, and it’s possible he has a hearing delay.  He eats with help, does not yet holds a spoon or the bottle, still it is hard for him to chew a hard food. The level of understanding is low, does not have motivation to make an activity.

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Boy, Born July 2005
has siblings (not available for adoption)

Listed: May 22, 2012

January 2010:   Psychical and physical developmental delays. He cannot name colors, geometrical shapes, and he does not understand the concepts of size and amount. He is not interested in toys and does not play with them. He gets agitated when someone lightly provokes him. He does not participate in general children activities. Stereotypical movements are noticed (swinging, swaying, rocking). Phonemic hearing is not developed, his audio perception is delayed, speech pronunciation delays, and his vocabulary is narrow. His balance and coordination are delayed.

Hayden is active and curious, he is interested in his surroundings. His comprehensive language is limited, he speaks using the sentences of two-four words. He often repeats the heard word several times. He likes active games and active activities, however he prefers to play alone. He likes singing, dancing, and enjoys musical activities. He struggles to communicate, collaborate, and play with peers. He has trouble paying attention. He has no interest in toys and prefers playing with things like a tape-recorder, tv, electrical switch, etc. He does not know his colors. He could be characterized as quite impatient and impulsive. Independence skills are under developed. He eats independently, he needs help from an adult to dress and undress and to do all hygienic tasks. He seeks out attention from adults in various manners. He likes helping in daily chores by dusting, wiping off the table, and tidying the toys. He cannot express his opinion.

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guardianangelBoy, born March 2009

FAS; complex developmental disorder and autism features, CP ataxic form; mixed developmental disorder, low height, hypermetropic astigmatism, functional heart murmur

Listed: May 21, 2012

From a family who met him in 2015: “Zeke is seriously one smart cookie!! He is walking GREAT now and was even jumping from a play mattress to join in the fun. He actually knows a few words in English as well, and I taught him to fist bump (and blow it up, ha ha) when I came in and he remembered it when I left and hour and a half later. I was blown away by his attention to detail in the books we were reading — he will excel academically. He was very attached to the American volunteer who is regularly in his groupa — all of the kids love her and are lucky to have her attention.”

From a family who met him in Summer 2015:
He appears to be of normal size for his age.  He He can focus for pretty significant amounts of time if the activity interests him. We are now able to sit and flip through entire books together, taking time to figure out what is going on from the pictures on each page. He has become very good at identifying the characters’ emotions from their facial expressions and makes reasonable guesses as to why they feel how they do.

He is pretty stable when sitting. He’s not falling out of chairs or off of benches or anything. Sure, he falls sometimes when he runs, but the kid is running! He has been walking and running for a few years now; the boy dances!

He might be slightly cognitively delayed for his age, but he is a very quick learner and strikes me as very intelligent. We have as normal of conversations as I imagine are possible with a 6 year old. He has impressed me recently with some clever remarks that are evidence of him thinking quickly and independently, rather than just just parroting what his caretakers say. His emotional control has improved vastly. He just needs a calm presence when frustrated. For example, we were working with buttons the other day, and when he started getting frustrated and saying he couldn’t do it, I just calmly told him that it’s hard, that he’s really close, and that he’s totally capable, and he was able to complete the task.

Although he does still enjoy some solitary games, he’s becoming a lot more social. He always takes me around the yard to introduce me to people and knows everyone by name.  He’s a pretty calm, happy guy, especially when there are calm, warm adults to help him get over little obstacles.

December 2014 UPDATE:   A U.S. mom had these observations about Zeke: He’s a doll! He’s cheerful, helpful, and very friendly. Every time we entered the room he was the first to greet us (Labas!!). Zeke has a little issue with following directions. I don’t know him well enough to be able to distinguish if it was a willful issue or a cognitive issue. As far as I know he has FAS and possibly very mild CP effecting his legs/ Achilles’ tendon. Zeke is a very likable kiddo!

Update from a volunteer who spent extensive time with him:
I met Zeke in the summer of 2010 while volunteering; in the years that I’ve known him, Zeke has made considerable physical, cognitive and emotional progress, and has become an active, curious, quirky, good-natured, and nurturing young boy. As his physical abilities have improved, he has become much more independent, both dressing and feeding himself. He does, however, need some direction and encouragement with these endeavors. Zeke best completes such tasks when given positive reinforcement and clear sequence of events to follow. For example, if simply given a pile of clothes, he often has trouble focusing his attention. It is more effective to ask him what he needs to do first, second, and third, and to tell him how quick/good he is when he has completed a step in the sequence. If he is feeling unmotivated, it can be helpful to tap into his nurturing side (ex. “Put your socks on! Your feet will get cold and wonder why you didn’t dress them!”) or to incentivize him with tickling—his favorite activity in the world.

In the past year, Zeke has become an avid performer, bravely singing in dancing during musical lessons and performances in the children’s home. Even half a year ago, he would need a bit of coaxing to get up and join the other children in song. During this year’s holiday show, however, when the music teacher asked for volunteers to stand up and perform, Zeke was the first to rise to the challenge. He also really enjoys musical children’s films, often performing the routines from memory during playtime. One of his favorite toys is a little piano with a microphone into which he sings his favorite songs.

Zeke has a few other favorite games, which mostly revolve around caretaking and repetition. For instance, following the examples of the caretakers, he feeds, bathes and swaddles dolls, making sure to lovingly and carefully execute these tasks in the correct order each time; when waiting for the thermometer to show the doll’s temperature, he pets her head, rocking her back and forth. Another current favorite of his is petting me and telling me not to cry in a concerned, soft voice. After establishing that he has comforted me, he gets in his toy car, wishes me all the best, drives around the room, and comes back to take care of me again. Zeke has also grown to love animals, and when given the chance to be with a dog or horse, he always pets them, sweetly telling the animals that they are good and that he loves them.

Zeke is an incredibly nurturing, loving child, and delights in physical affection. He loves to be petted and hugged, and gladly returns the favor. He is very concerned with maintaining good relationships with the adults in his life and is sensitive to admonition. If he is beyond the point of being motivated by positive reinforcement, a serious look and stern voice usually suffice. If he sees that he has accidentally hurt me, he becomes quiet and sad, and seeks reassurance that everything is ok. Zeke is less sensitive with respect to the children around him, as he is possessive of his favorite toys and the other children habitually seek what another has. In the last few months, however, Zeke has made a great deal of progress expressing his emotions and restraining himself when he gets upset. Whereas he would previously go after the child to repossess his toy, I have consistently responded by wrapping an arm around him, telling him that we will all gladly help him if he calmly explains to us what is wrong, and he is now much better at seeking our help and articulating his feelings. When he is agitated, it’s best to take a calm, light-hearted approach to ease the tension; he thinks it’s hilarious when adults copy his little squeals and shenanigans, so he usually laughs if I playfully copy his whining, which gets him out of his rut and allows us to calmly seek a solution.

All in all, Zeke is a joyful, enthusiastic, loving child who responds to physical affection, positive reinforcement, and clearly established expectations. He has a friendly attitude towards new people, and seeks a great deal of hugs from the adults in his life. I have the utmost confidence that with patient, gentle and loving guidance, Zeke will continue to grow into a capable, kind young man who will enrich the lives of those around him. In the five years that I’ve spent with Zeke, he has certainly filled my life with more love than I could have possibly imagined.

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