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Girl: 2018

Listed: 8/2019

Special Needs: adrenogenital disorders, congenital anomalies, anemia, small weight at birth, chromosomal anomaly, syndactyly, developmental delays

We don’t know a lot about sweet Nelly yet, but we do have some videos of her we can share with families. Nelly can crawl and can do so well. She loves scooting her way to toys she finds interesting. Nelly can sit up on her own. She enjoys attention and will sometimes interact with other children.

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Girl 2016

Special Need: spina bifida (surgically corrected), anemia, minor delays, potential autism.

Meet sweet little Annie! Annie loves to laugh, give hugs and kisses, and play with her toys. She is living with a foster family who she is very affectionate towards. Annie talks and walks well. She can hold a cup and drink from it. She recently was tested for childhood autism and the results pointed toward this diagnosis. Behavioral therapy was recommended. We have videos of Annie to show potential families.