Luke and Kelly Grover are parents of four beautiful children. Three of which are biological. Their fourth, Zoey, was adopted from China in 2017. Even before their marriage Luke and Kelly knew they wanted a large family. After each of their children were born premature, their youngest child being born two months premature, they were advised by their doctor that having children biologically was a risk. While disappointed, they knew they would continue to grow their family another way. They wanted to find children who might have difficulty finding a forever family because of special needs. After bringing home Zoey, who has Down syndrome, and experiencing how much love and joy she brought to our family, they decided to try again. This time they were introduced to Holly, who also has Down syndrome, and absolutely fell in love. They are working through their dossier and immigration paperwork and hope to travel in early 2020. The entire Grover family is just excited to get our daughter home.


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Roderick and Melissa have been happily married for eight years and reside in a small town in Illinois with their five wonderful children Adeson (12), Emery (11), Jacob (9), Ella Grace (7) and Casey(5). Four of their five children were adopted internationally, two from China and two from Ethiopia. Rod and Melissa have been committed to adoption, and both they and their extended families have been foster parents, adoptive parents, and advocates for humanitarian and children’s rights. They are also parents to Melissa’s seven children from her first marriage of 17 years Brandon (34), Ryan (deceased), Alex (25), Matthew (23), Sara (20), Emily (17) and Antonio (17), Alex, and Antonio were also adopted, one at age eight and one at age four from Russia and Guatemala. They believe their family is their calling and feel blessed to have had the blessing of family and friends throughout their life journey.

The cost and process of international adoption, while intimidating they believe is far worth the journey. Rod and Melissa believe that completing their family through adoption is the right thing for them and are very excited about bringing home their new son who they found through Reece’s Rainbow, whom they will call Noah. If you can help them support their adoption journey, their family would be grateful.

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12/23/2019 — LOA RECEIVED

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Grace RK Girl, born June 2010
Cleft lip and palate; congenital heart defect (post-op)

Listed: January 11, 2016

Grace was abandoned by the train station when she was ten days old and has been living in an orphanage ever since. Grace was born with a cleft lip and palate, for which her first surgery will occur in May. She also had a congenital heart defect which was corrected this past summer. She does not take any cardiac medication but she sometimes pants and her lips become blue after strenuous exercise so her cardiac issues may not be fully resolved.

Grace is reported to have normal intelligence, potty trained, and she walks and runs just fine. She dresses herself, speaks in 3 – 5 word sentences, likes to sing and play games with other children.

Update from 2016: At 6 years old Grace enjoys looking at books, playing with her friends and has a favorite stuffed toy. She has great self help and fine motor skills, she can dress herself, including jacket and shoes, she can draw lines and shapes. She is an extroverted girl and she really enjoys playing games with her peers. She has many favorite foods, dumplings, noodles, fruit and many more. She had a surgery to repair her cleft lip already, but her cleft palate has not been repaired yet. She studies preschool, she can sing, dance, draw, string beads, and put clothes on dolls. Her upper limbs are flexible, she can walk and run, but not very steadily. She is active and gets along well with other kids,and often helps other younger kids.

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While in process, a different family accepted the referral for their former host son “Tristan,” leaving the Challis family unsure how they should proceed. They talked about finding another teen, but their son felt that “Tristan” is his big brother and didn’t want anyone in “Tristan’s space.” Everyone was sad, and struggled to connect to another child again.

Enter “Ian,” AKA “The Cloudbuster,” with his huge grin like a shaft of sunlight forcing the clouds aside. Since their jobs have flexible schedules, allowing for a lot of one-on-one time, both parents have experience advocating for children with special needs, and their city has a renowned Down syndrome clinic a few miles away PLUS everyone in the family feeling something special for him, the family felt confident that Ian was the right child, and were thrilled to be matched to him.

Their son is ready to be a BIG brother now – he is already sewing him toy cars to play with. Tabitha is a librarian and Henry manages a property rental office so they need (like everyone) to fundraise a lot of money on the quick, and welcome all ideas! They appreciate any advice, prayer, encouragement or support anyone can offer.

They are approved for two children and are hopeful that they will be able to pursue a match with another Reece’s Rainbow child, but are holding off on a referral until they feel confident about funding the second set of fees.


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