NAHEEDA for the Breitenstein family — OR

We are adopting. In those three little words, there is so much meaning. They are the words that send our hearts soaring — it’s so surreal, has been SO long on our hearts, and the journey we’ve taken to this place looks nothing like we originally intended. But so it is with God. ⁣

His panoramic view has smashed our Polaroid at every turn. We can see only what is in front of us—the virtual snapshot of the life I’m living—and yet in his gracious goodness, He sees it all and is not shaken by the tidal wave of any one moment. His plan has been perfected in the waiting, and it is with great thankfulness and JOY that we find ourselves back here, in this space….waiting on His timing.

We are adopting from Eastern Europe. We plan to name this little girl Saylor – a name that means ‘rope’ or ‘tether’. Her name has become a metaphor for this entire adoption journey. Our hearts are tethered to a tiny baby living half a world away. We’re tethered by the promise of what is to come, by the permanence God has already spoken over our family and the intention with which He’s chosen us for one another.  God has anchored this little girl to our very souls and she is a part of us–even now. The need is great and the families are few, and we believe she is worthy. We desire to proclaim God’s gracious goodness and intention over her precious life. She is worthy of being wanted. We have chosen to pursue this little girl as our beloved daughter with deep, loving intention.

We have four kiddos, ages 7, 5, 3, and 1 – two boys and two girls. I am a public school kindergarten teacher and my husband works for our state government. We aren’t uniquely qualified in any way to pursue an international adoption, but we love Jesus with all we’ve got and our steadfast faith is in Him alone. We believe that He will light this path as we walk forward to bring our baby girl home!

We are stepping out in bold faith and brave love. International adoption is daunting, on so many fronts. The financial implications – especially for our big and blessed family of six – are substantial. We know this will stretch us, but we also know that God is so much bigger. We know He delights in bringing orphans into their forever families, and we raise our arms to Him knowing He will make a way for us in this season. He’ll light the path, and we’ll walk it in JOY as we bring our girl home.

I always tell my three year old, as he’s running around the house at lightning speed with his eyes on the floor, “LOOK UP! Look up, so you can see where you’re going”  Friends, will you look up with us? Will you fix your eyes on the One who adopted us ALL into His family as orphans, and will you help us bring this precious baby girl home?


The Breitenstein Family has a $5000 matching grant from RODS Racing!  When their grant reaches $5315.20, they’ll receive an additional $5000!

$4,019.21 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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DOMINIK for the Odegaard Family — SD

In 2010, Sam and Aaron met because two mutual friends found it strange that they both wanted “a lot of kids”. Their friends immediately introduced them. Within a few weeks, they were dating. Not long after, they had a serious talk about their future. Sam had grown up as a foster sister (her family had done foster care since she was 13). Her dream was to carry on that legacy. She wanted to foster and adopt. Aaron was fully supportive of this dream. Two short years later, they were married in July 2013!

They have carried out this dream already twice! They welcomed a son by birth, then adopted a 5-year-old boy, gave birth to a baby girl, adopted a 13-year-old girl, and then welcomed another boy through birth. Their kids are currently 14, 9, 5, 3, and 4 months. That makes 5 kids in 5 years!

Shortly after their second adoption, Sam found Reece’s Rainbow. She started researching and scouring websites full of waiting children all over the world. She read about “seeing the one” and “just knowing”. She asked Aaron many times about children she saw to see if maybe it was time to start an international adoption because they had simply found “the one”. She was heartbroken each and every time it was a “no”.

In December 2018, they welcomed another baby boy, Maverick, to the family. This put them at five kiddos in five years and they were sure they were done for a while. But then on January 25, 2019, just a month and a half after Maverick was born, Sam saw a picture of a little boy that made her heart skip a beat! She immediately started emailing his agency to find out more. She knew for certain that this was “the picture” she had been waiting to see! She approached Aaron with hesitation as they had just discussed waiting to add more kids to their family. He said “no” again, but this time she asked him to pray about it because she was certain he was their son. One month later, she asked again. This time, he asked questions about the boy, his country, and the process. Two weeks later, they submitted their first documents to adopt him! God sure does work in mysterious ways!! They welcome your prayers as they begin this long process to bring home Odegaard baby #6 in just 6 years.

They are so excited to meet their son but need help to get there! If you are able and feel called to do so, please pray for their journey and consider donating to help them get their son HOME.


The Odegaard family has a $5000 matching grant from RODS Racing!  When they’re FSP reaches 6,283.10, they’ll receive another $5000!

$3,687.67 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Nicoletta for the Chudzik family — FL

Kris and Nichole knew each other for years due to their families being friends. It wasn’t until their 20’s did they reunite and start on their journey. Kris was blessed with an amazing son from a previous relationship who was three years old at the time they started dating. Nichole loved him like her own, but always had the strong desire to have her own children. They both moved from Ohio to Florida to further their careers. Kris works in Real Estate & Nichole has a degree in Early Childhood Education and has taught first grade for ten years. She has loved teaching her students and watching them grow into beautiful young men and women. Since then Nichole has committed to being a stay at home mom. Kris and Nichole were married in 2009 they were blessed with their first son Chase, who is an amazing young man with a heart of gold! Then in 2013 they were surprised with the news of TWINS on the way!! During this time they received the heartbreaking news that one of the twins suffered from a heart condition called transposition of the great arteries. After a scary birth he was taken away and immediately rushed into a procedure. This was an extremely scary time for the family, and at this time is where they truly found God. Christian was very ill, but through faith, hope, love, and lots of prayer he made a miraculous recovery after surgery. Christian is now a crazy, wild, loving 4 year old who loves playing with his twin brother Carson! Carson has a huge heart and is the wild child of the family, always keeps things interesting and keeps everyone on their toes! Through all the ups and downs of life, Kris and Nichole still felt something was missing. They tried to have another child but sadly after 2 miscarriages they decided to stop, and thank God for the blessings he had already given them in life. As time passed they both still felt God tugging on their hearts and leading them in a different direction. Through much prayer, and after spending a lot of time with their good friends children who have special needs, they knew it was their calling. It wasn’t the perfect time, but it was their time! It was time to take that leap of faith and put all their trust in the Lord, and follow their hearts. Which in turn lead them to Adoption and falling in love with the sweetest angel Nicoletta! They knew the moment they saw her, that she was the missing piece. She will complete their family. She will grow up and always know that she is loved, she is a blessing , and she is wanted! She will also have 3 very protective older brothers and a Daddy!! Please help us bring this sweet girl home where she belongs….with her family!!!!

Kris & Nichole like most families don’t have an additional $30,000 laying around. However this family is committed to this little girl mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to bring her home! If you can find it in your heart to help bring Nicoletta home you can donate below. This little girl deserves a family that will love and cherish her for the rest of her life.

9/20/2019 — AWAITING COURT

The Chudzik family has a $5000 matching grant!  When their grant reaches $18,292.21, they’ll receive an additional $5000!

$13,893.61 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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