Angela June 2013Girl, born Feb 2001

Listed: February 13, 2012

UPDATE JAN 2017.  By no small miracle, Angela was transferred to a GOOD orphanage, not the institution. She is BEAUTIFUL and WALKING.


Guardian Angelkiersten-2016Girl, Born  April 2000




Kiersten’s grant of $9,471.28 has been gifted to Angela, Kara and Soleil in her same country.



Girl, born April 2002
Down syndrome



Kylie’s grant of $5,161.40 has been gifted to Charlene and Jennie — older girls in her country who also have Down syndrome.

Pia #

pia-march-2017Pia was born in 2002 and has been diagnosed with spina bifida (which has been surgically addressed), infantile cerebral palsy, club feet, slight lower paraparesis, and mild developmental delays.

Listed: Feb 2017


Boy, born 2002


Listed: June 2017

Wesley was born with multiple medical problems including a chromosomal abnormality, developmental delay, oropharyngeal dysphagia and aspiration (difficulty swallowing), bilateral mild hearing loss, left amblyopia (a lazy eye), left perthes disease (disease that affects the hips), and cleft lip and palate with repair done, and more.


sterlingBoy, born 2002

Microcephaly; spastic tetraparesis; congenital brain malformation; severe mental delays; crossed eyes


milesBoy, born August 2002
Severe mental retardation as a result of CP, spastic monoparesis (severe form), convulsive disorder

Listed: December 28, 2015

Mikel (L)


Boy, born September 2002
Down syndrome, specific mixed developmental disorder and aphasia (Language disorder)

Listed: October 30, 2015


emilyemily-2016Girl, born January 2001
Cerebral palsy, knee joints contractures, valgus feet, severe mental delays

Listed: September 25, 2015

She is so full of life!  She just needs a family!



GraysonBoy, born July 2001

Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, flail legs, secondary multisystemic central origin dystrophy, delay of physical development, severe mental delays



Averi (1)Girl, born October 2001Averi (2)
congenital deformity of absent joint structure of the whole body




Averi’s grant of $5,261.76 has been gifted to Emily.


AlexBoy, born December 1999

Moderate mental retardation, nonverbal, congenital malformation cleft of hard and soft palate, cleft lip (operation in February 2007).



Alys June 2013Girl, born February 2003
Mental delays, fetal alcohol syndrome, microcephaly, partial atrophy of optic nerve, birth vitium cordis

Listed: October 8, 2012