Boy, born May 2004

Cerebral palsy
Generalized idiopathic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes
Profound intellectual disabilities


Boy, born 2003

Listed: Sep 2018

Down Syndrome; astigmatism, convergent concomitant strabismus, scoliosis, flat foot (pes planus)

Girl, born 2004
Visual impairment (one side anophthalmia, other eye has microphthalmia and a coloboma). Minimal vision.  Mild developmental delay. Bright, giggly, vibrant young lady.

Listed: Feb 2018

girlsillouettenophotoGirl, born October 2003

Down syndrome, mental delays, speech and language delays, behavior/attention issues. Hypothyroidism. Bronchial asthma. Astigmatism. Hypermetropia. The girl needs to wear glasses for distance.

Listed: Jan 10, 2017



Chessa2Girl, born November 2005
Down syndrome, repaired heart condition

Listed: August 16, 2016

boysillouettenophotoBoy, born June 2004


Psychomotor development delay. Behavioral disorders – F92.8 (Other mixed disorders of conduct and emotions), F81.3 (Mixed disorder of scholastic skills). Hypermetropia.

laneBoy, born 2003

Cerebral palsy, tetraparetic form

Listed: December 28, 2015

antonBoy, born 2003

Cerebral Palsy, tetraparesis, microcephaly, convulsive disorder, chest deformation, severe mental delays, crossed eyes, nystagmus

Listed: December 28, 2015

LexiGirl, born October 2005
Hyperextension of right knee/incontinent (possible lower spine issue)

Listed: May 27, 2014

BethGirl, born April 2005
Down syndrome, congenital preauricular fistula

Listed: April 22, 2015

40530180818 Brock (2)

Boy, born early 2004
Slight mental delay, astigmatism, mitral valve prolapse of I stage

Listed: March 1, 2015

Girl, born 2004
Diagnoses: deep mental delay. Cerebral paralysis- double spastic form, microcephaly. Strabismus, divergent squint, and Optic atrophy. First degree anemia.

Listed: October 4, 2012

Delta-002Girl, born 2003
Mild to moderate delays, left eye condition

Listed: October 29, 2012

mason-2016mason-2016Boy, born 2003
FAS, Spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, profound mental delays, Other disorders of optic disc, general delays

Listed: November 30, 2014

Updated Picture and video August 2016

LucyLucy 1Girl, born December 2004
mental delays and language delays

Listed: March 10, 2014

40224204453 GageBoy, born May 2004 (old picture)
Visual impairment, slight mental delay without behavioral disorders

Listed: February 25 , 2014


MikoBoy, born April 2005
intracranial hemorrhage; possible epilepsy

Listed: August 28, 2013

Jory bikeJoryBoy, born July 2006
Spina Bifida (postoperative meningocele), postoperative right club foot, postoperative hernia (and one leg shorter than the other)

Listed: July 8, 2013

pollyGirl, born Jan. 2004
Down syndrome, Severe mental delays, Congenital malformation of heart, unspecified; Kyphosis and lordosis (curved spine); malnutrition

Listed: July 7, 2013

jeanette-2016Girl, born 2003
HIV, strabismus, congenital cataract (blind in right eye)
Mild to moderate mental delays, FAS, tuberculosis of the lymph nodes

Listed: October 21, 2012

Mara (1) Mara (2)Girl, born 2003

Diagnoses: Mild mental delays, Hydrocephalus, cleft palate, Anomaly (congenital) (unspecified type) of pupil function

Listed:  January 21, 2013


boysillouettenophotoBoy, Born May 2004
Down syndrome

Listed: October 9, 2012

Christian has positive reactions towards the adults with whom he is familiar.   Has interest about what surrounds him, though not very big and also not very sustainable.   Makes unarticulated sounds.   He sleeps well, but has difficulties to fall asleep.

Christian attends school and gets good references from his teachers, he is starting to express his opinion – murmurs when tries to answer.   Active and joyful and as most boys – he likes cars and playing with them.  Is able to move up and down the stairs, eats self-dependently, though has self-care difficulties (still working on toileting), likes long walks in fresh air but is able to do them only with holding on one’s hand.  Christian has amazing potential….what a joy to get to watch him grow and thrive in a forever family!  Older parents, large families, and single moms welcome.  Great program!

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Girl, born July 2006
Cerebral Palsy, congenital heart disease

Listed:  September 29, 2012

Girl, born May 2003
Bilateral hearing loss, right-sided hemiparesis, cognitive delays

Listed: June 12, 2012

Boy, Born May 2004

Severe Mental Developmental Delay, Mild Physical Disability, and Epilepsy

Listed:  November 3, 2011

andrue-2016Boy, Born 2004
Special needs: prematurity; Down syndrome; severe mental delay

Listed: October 9, 2011

ulysses-2016DOB: February 2004

Diagnosis: Down syndrome, Chronic pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis first degree to the left kidney

Listed: June 17, 2011

Boy, born:  June 2004

Listed: May 4, 2011 — updated picture from Feb 2020

An I600a MUST be filed by June 2020!  or he will not be adoptable.

Down Syndrome