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Girl, born June 2010
Cleft lip and palate; congenital heart defect (post-op)

Listed: January 11, 2016

Grace was abandoned by the train station when she was ten days old and has been living in an orphanage ever since. Grace was born with a cleft lip and palate, for which her first surgery will occur in May. She also had a congenital heart defect which was corrected this past summer. She does not take any cardiac medication but she sometimes pants and her lips become blue after strenuous exercise so her cardiac issues may not be fully resolved.

Grace is reported to have normal intelligence, potty trained, and she walks and runs just fine. She dresses herself, speaks in 3 – 5 word sentences, likes to sing and play games with other children.

Update from 2016: At 6 years old Grace enjoys looking at books, playing with her friends and has a favorite stuffed toy. She has great self help and fine motor skills, she can dress herself, including jacket and shoes, she can draw lines and shapes. She is an extroverted girl and she really enjoys playing games with her peers. She has many favorite foods, dumplings, noodles, fruit and many more. She had a surgery to repair her cleft lip already, but her cleft palate has not been repaired yet. She studies preschool, she can sing, dance, draw, string beads, and put clothes on dolls. Her upper limbs are flexible, she can walk and run, but not very steadily. She is active and gets along well with other kids,and often helps other younger kids.

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Girl, born 2011

Listed September 11, 2015

Phenylketonuria, also known as PKU

New pic May 2019! 

From a volunteer in August 2016:   “I was happy to see that Leena is still the same strong willed young girl as last year. She is available for adoption now! She was a little calmer than last year, but she would still take every chance she got to run around. Just like last year it was obvious that some nurses have a very hard time with her and others love her. She’s much calmer when the nurses like her and she’s easier to handle. It was unclear if she was totally potty trained this year or that she’s still working on it. It was also unclear if she got the diet she needed, but her delays didn’t look worse. Leena is such a wonderful girl! She should be in a family where she has the chance to be who she is, all days of the year.

From a missionary who met her in 2015: “Leena is a strong-willed young girl.  She is stubborn and funny. She loves to explore the world (within the concrete walls she lives between). She has been transferred to this facility in May and she is obviously still getting used to the circumstances of living. She had a lot more freedom in the baby orphanage she came from. Leena can walk (so don’t be fooled by the picture), she can run, she is very energetic. She can drink from a cup. This summer (2015) she was being potty trained. She doesn’t talk. She squeals when she is very excited. She is probably the size of a 3 year old at the moment (summer 2015). She probably understands what is being said to her, but she has a hard time following orders. Due to her PKU she needs a special diet and medicine. The baby orphanage she grew up in, didn’t provide the proper care. So (part of) het mental delays may be caused because of that. The facility she lived in right now, tries to provide the proper care. They do not receive funds for it, so they raise it themselves with a charity fund. They really try to take good care of her. Some nurses really like her. Other nurses have a hard time dealing with her, because of her energetic ways. She likes to move and run around all the time. As soon as you let go of her hand or take her out of her wheelchair, you have to chase her. As soon as you give her an opportunity she’ll take it. Some days she was tied up in a wheelchair and we thought she might have been drugged. She didn’t react, she didn’t smile, she didn’t interact. Until the moment my fiancé pulled her from the wheelchair and it was as if she came alive again. I have not seen any selfharming behaviours and I haven’t seen her hurt other children. I have also not seen her interact with other children at all. The nurses don’t like it when she gets all excited, but for me it was a sign that she was not so institutionalized yet. There was so much fight in her. I hope she finds a family before she loses the strength to fight and before her delays will get worse, due to a lack of a proper diet and medical care.”

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Boy, born 2008
beta thalassemia major

Bradlee is a sensible and well-liked boy, born in August of 2008, who gets along well with the other children in his school and orphanage. He’s not always serious though, as he’s up for a good laugh anytime! Bradlee started attending school at the orphanage in September of 2015. He’s been taking language arts, math, art, music and PE. Bradlee’s teachers say he’s a good student and participates in class. At the end of the first semester of school, he received the “Star of Good Behavior” award! Bradlee is independent with dressing, bathing, and making his bed.

An adoptive mama and advocate has met this child, who she called Brett, and wrote this post about him: https://adoptingthalassemia.com/2018/04/19/smiley-brett/
When admitted to the orphanage Bradlee was initially diagnosed with a heart defect, but later ultrasounds showed it resolved on its own. Bradlee was born with beta thalassemia major and currently receives blood transfusions every two months, as well as chelation medication to treat iron overload.

It is clear Bradlee isn’t getting the care he needs or would get here due to the frontal bossing you can clearly see in the forehead area. If untreated or treated improperly, beta thalassemia major can cause the bone marrow to expand. Bone marrow is where most of the blood cells are produced in the body. The bone marrow expands because it is trying to compensate for chronic anemia. This abnormal expansion causes bones to become thinner, wider, and brittle. Affected bones may grow abnormally (bone deformities), particularly the long bones of the arms and legs and certain bones of the face. When facial bones are affected it can result in distinctive facial features including an abnormally prominent forehead (frontal bossing), full cheek bones (prominent malar eminence), a depressed bridge of the nose, and overgrowth (hypertrophy) of the upper jaw (maxillae), exposing the upper teeth. The affected bones have an increased fracture risk, particularly the long bones of the arms and legs. Some individuals may develop ‘knock knees’ (genu valgum), a condition in which the legs bend inward so that when a person is standing the knees will touch even if the ankles and feet are not. Bradlee desperately needs to find a loving family soon- access to good medical care will be life-saving and life-changing for him!

There is a $2,000 agency grant for Bradlee’s adoption with his current adoption agency. The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is also giving a $1,000 grant for any child with transfusion dependent thalassemia.


Girl, born 2007
beta thalassemia major

MaryKate is a sweet, spunky, sensible, talkative, and optimistic girl, born in December of 2007. She gets along well with the other children and she enjoys playing aeroplane chess, singling, dancing, and building things with Legos. She does not enjoy running. MaryKate is very responsible and mature for her age. She likes to help her caretakers and teachers. She is independent when it comes to her self care. She can be a little shy at first, but quickly warms up. Many adoptive parents and advocates who have met MaryKate adore her and recall her to be sweet and smart. MaryKate communicates and answers questions well. She attends school at the orphanage and can recite poetry, do addition and subtraction problems, and sing the 26-letter alphabet song in English. MaryKate is obedient and does well in math, reading, Chinese, and English. Her favorite foods are chips, chocolate, and cake, but she also likes grapes, apples, and bananas. She has been to Disney in 2015 and absolutely loved it! She loves Mickey Mouse and hopes to one day be able to go to Disney again!

MaryKate was born with beta thalassemia major. She has been getting transfusions, but not nearly as often as she should be. She is also in great need of iron chelation medication. Her file mentioned a heart defect- VSD as a baby, but it likely resolved on its own as it has not been brought up since. MaryKate would love a family of her own and she desperately needs access to regular transfusions and chelation medication. A family for MaryKate will change her life, but truly save her life too!

Videos available!  A specific agency has a $1000 grant available for MaryKate. The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is also giving a $1,000 grant for any child with transfusion dependent thalassemia.


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Boy, born 2017
Down syndrome

Listed: May 2019

Julian’s file states that he can stand while holding objects like tables or peoples clothing.  His file also says he likes to play with balls and his favorite game is hide and seek. He likes it when his caregiver puts a towel on his head and plays peek a boo, he smiles and giggles happily. Julian’s favorite food is noodles.

Julian’s current adoption agency has a $2500 grant for his adoption.

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Boy, born 2017
Down syndrome

Channing has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. His file states that his name means cypress in the spring, green and luxuriant, full of vitality. According to his file, he smiles when being teased and will stare at his caretakers wanting to be held. When he is held, he likes lying his head on his caretakers shoulder. Channing’s file says he can turn over by himself, raise his head, coordinate his hands, and sit up with an adults help. His file states he likes to do passive exercises and listen to music.

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Boy, born 2008
Down syndrome, CHD

Lance lives in a large Asian country and has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, postoperative repair of congenital heart disease, bilateral cryptorchidism and postoperative repair of right indirect inguinal hernia. His file states that Lance has good self-care skills, he can fold his clothes, take off his shoes, and put them away. According to his file, he loves listening to his teacher tell stories, he can read simple words, and understand basic questions. Lance’s file says he enjoys finger painting and singing and dancing to songs. His file indicates he likes to run, jump, and play sports.

*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org ***

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Boy, born 2009
beta thalassemia major

May 2019 Written Update:His mental ability is similar to other kids of the same age. He has thalassemia and needs blood transfusion every month. He has a good personality. He is quiet. He listens to the staff, and likes reading, painting, singing, and playing chess. He is well behaved. Duncan has no delays with gross motor or fine motor skills. He attends school. Duncan has a close friend at the orphanage. He knows how to care for others. His social skills are good and he gets along well with others.
“I love observing others in a big group of people and seeing others happy makes me happy. I am an easy kid who doesn’t need much to be entertained. I just like holding hands and feeling close to people. I’m a total lover, not a fighter! I always listen to what my nannies ask of me and I obey with a smile on my face. I’m gentle with my friends and treat all my belongings with care. People who know me describe me as sweet, shy, loving, happy, kind, and as a good listener.” This was written by volunteers who have gotten to know Duncan well over the years. What a gem of a kid! And don’t get us started on that smile….that smile that pretty much never leaves his face!

Duncan was born in January of 2009 with beta thalassemia major and is transfusion dependent. He needs a blood transfusion approximately every 3 weeks and he receives iron chelation daily. He is easy-going, obedient, and very happy. Unfortunately, Duncan has not been able to attend school outside of the orphanage due to his needs, but does receive schooling inside the orphanage. He knows how to count and can draw, color, and sing songs. Duncan is a polite boy who gets along well with all of his friends. A forever family and the medical care Duncan could receive in the United States would be life-changing for this precious boy!


There is a $4,000 agency grant for Duncan’s adoption with his current adoption agency.  The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation is also giving a $1,000 grant for any child with transfusion dependent thalassemia.

CLARA for the Russell family — MD

Meet Heath, and Stacey Russell! They met 13 years ago and have been talking about adoption since their very first date! They both have a special place in their hearts for children. Together they are raising five boys who are beyond excited to have a sister to love and spoil!

In 2010 they were told that all the numbers pointed to their son having Down Syndrome. They were given the option to have an abortion. This was obviously not an option for them! During her pregnancy Stacey did a lot of research and was shocked to find out that the abortion rate for a prenatal diagnoses of Down Syndrome was 65% in America and up to 96% in other countries. She couldn’t believe how high those numbers were!

During her research Stacey ran across https://reecesrainbow.org. This is when she began advocating for the waiting children and participating at buddy walks. During this time it was clear that God was preparing their hearts for a child who may have special needs, but it wasn’t their son. The doctors were wrong.

This experience is what brought them to Reece’s Rainbow where they found their daughter. (Clara L21 on Reece’s Rainbow) At birth, Clara was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Tetralogy of Fallot (a congenital heart condition presenting a combination of four defects in the structure of the heart).

This heart condition causes her heart to pump oxygen-poor blood into her body, which makes breathing difficult and any physical activity very hard on her little body. She is now 6 years old and is still in desperate need of medical care to help repair her heart.

It has now been two years since the Russell family started their adoption journey. Stacey and Heath jumped in with nothing but faith. They had no idea how they were going to accomplish this, but they knew that God would provide a way.
Now, Stacey and Heath are thrilled to say that their Dossier will soon be submitted to the Ministry! It took a lot of finances, a lot of prayer and a long time for them to get here and they couldn’t be more excited!

However, they aren’t done just yet. They are praying for a referral in the next 2-4 months. Once they get this, they will need to make 3 trips, one of which they both have to travel for 3-4 weeks! This seems difficult, but not impossible! Their girl has been in this orphanage for 6 years, she is very sick and desperately needs out! The Russell’s know if they can just get her here, they will love her and make sure she gets all the medical care and love she deserves!

If you feel led, I pray that you will please help the Russell family provide hope, love and a new future for this precious girl! They would greatly appreciate your prayers and any financial support as they prepare to bring her home!
9/12/2019 — FIRST TRIP SEPT 20

Clara has received a $2297 Waiting Child Grant.



Girl, born 2017
Down syndrome

Colette is an adorable little girl who is said to have an active and outgoing personality and a ready smile! Colette likes to play outdoor activities. She can sit alone and likes to make sounds. In July of 2018, Colette was placed in a foster family. The foster family loves Colette and give her a lot of extra attention. Colette has built a close relationship with her foster family. Colette is said to be a happy girl who understands some simple instructions. If her foster mother asks her to clap her hands, she will. She can now stand up with her back against the wall or with her hands holding onto something for support. She has also begun crawling. Colette loves when her foster uncle cuddles her, but she is afraid of strangers. If unfamiliar people cuddle her, she looks around first, feels that something is wrong, and begins to cry. Colette was born with Down syndrome and noted to have rib valgus and some eczema in some areas. Colette is only going to continue to thrive in a loving forever family of her own! Could that family be yours?

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Colette’s adoption with her current adoption agency.

$20.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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Girl, born 2016
Down syndrome, CHD (PFO and PDA)

Everly is a precious little girl, born with Down syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease- PFO and PDA. Everly’s caretakers all like her a lot and noted that she is a very curious and observant little girl. Everly was rolling over by 10 months of age. Despite being smaller, she could get anywhere she wanted or get anyone’s attention by rolling across the room! She is able to make sounds and her caretakers report that she makes the cutest faces too! Everly has always enjoyed sitting in her rocking chair and making it move. She likes musical toys and interacting with people. Everly will turn to smile when she is called by her caretaker and she will also raise her hands to ask for cuddles from others too. At the time her file was prepared, Everly was learning how to crawl. She is being loved on while she waits for a forever family of her own, that is for sure!

Update June 2019:  These videos show her play and developmental level. She self soothes by rocking her chair, lots of oral stuff (putting toys to mouth), and is starting the “chuck the toy over the side.” She also has some pre-verbal sounds.  Video 1, Video 2

There is a $1,500 agency grant for Everly’s adoption with her current adoption agency.


Girl, born 2004

Arnold-Chiari syndrome
spina bifida with hydrocephalus
chronic kidney insufficiency- 3rd stage
spinal bladder
flail legs
congenital hip dislocation
chronic interstitial cystitis

Available in June 2019!!

Everybody who ever met this girl fell in love with her immediately. She is pure love and kindness!

She needs a family who will be able not only love her (which she deserves!) but to provide her with qualified and probably expensive medical care.



Lola’s family will soon be a family of three! She will be the second living child to a single mom. Four years ago, Lola’s sister was also adopted from a different Eastern European with the help of Reece’s Rainbow. Like Lola, she has Down syndrome and a heart defect!

Several years ago, the mom was introduced to Reece’s Rainbow through a friend who was adopting. She would spend hours looking at the children, reading their stories, hoping that soon the time would be right to adopt. A few years later is when she would adopt her first living daughter and now, she’s back and ready to add a sibling to the mix.

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Sawyer #4-5

Age 9; born 2010
Arthrogryposis with knee joint contractures, bilateral club foot, Hypotrophy.

Sawyer is able to move around the room by scooting on his bottom. He can talk in sentences, but his articulation is not always clear. He plays with toys, responds when spoken to, follows simple directions, and assists with self-help tasks such as dressing/undressing.
Photo and videos from March 2016 are available through the agency.

Listed, April 2016; Update below, April 2019:
Sawyer has spent his entire life in a large orphanage, where his experiences and interactions have been limited. He’s been attending school and working with a speech therapist for the past 2 years and this has resulted in an increase in all skill areas. Sawyer can talk in simple sentences and answer questions. His articulation is poor, but he’s made improvements with the help of a speech therapist. He can count to 10, identify his body parts, and answer basic questions such as his name and age. He demonstrates imaginative play with toys. His motor skills are delayed due to his diagnosis. He uses a wheelchair for mobility and will also scoot around the room on his bottom. He can feed himself. He can take his shoes and socks off independently. He is described as very social. He works hard during academic instruction. He enjoys interacting with both peers and adults. It is believed that his cognitive delays are due to the environment he has lived in and lack of exposure.
*** I am eligible for a $2,000 Grant! ***
This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding. 

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Stan #

Boy, age 10
cognitive delays; hypothyroidism

Stan takes medication to manage his thyroid. He’s also on medication for behaviors, and his foster family reports that the medication helps him to sleep better at night, which has improved his overall behavior. He can memorize, retain, and reproduces information. Motor skills are well developed. Self-help skills are well developed. He follows the rules and behaves well in public. The medication he is taking has decreased his mood swings. He talks in complete sentences and is able to ask/answer questions, tell a story, etc. He occasionally mixes up verb tenses and other grammatical errors, but is able to be understood. He is working with a speech therapist at school. He responds well to verbal praise and verbal prompts when he needs correction. He enjoys music and loves animals. He eagerly engages in activities with other children. He likes to put puzzles together, watch TV and play on the computer. He is behind academically at school due to difficulty with attention span.
*** I am eligible for a $2,000 Grant! ***
This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding. 
For more information on this child, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org

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Drako #

Boy, age 4
Cognitive delays; repaired cleft lip & palate with additional surgeries needed

Drako has undergone surgeries to repair a cleft lip and palate. He is under continues care by medical professionals and will need future orthodontic surgery and other possible surgeries as well related to his cleft issues. Developmentally, his speech, motor skills, and cognitive processing are all delayed. He can crawl, pull to a stand, cruise around furniture/objects, and walk while holding an adult’s hand. He will interact with toys that play music or light up. He babbles, but is not yet saying any words.

Photos and videos are available.
*** I am eligible for a $2,000 Grant! ***
This grant is offered by Reece’s Rainbow, for children in this specific country. Grant funds are dependent on available funding. 
For more information on this child, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org


Girl, born 2015

Localization-related (focal) (partial) symptomatic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with complex partial seizures
Other specified congenital malformations of brain
Congenital malformation syndromes predominantly associated with short stature
mixed specific developmental disorder
spastic tetraplegia
Congenital malformation of optic disc


Stephanie’s Shower

With all the blessings in her life and a good amount of baby essentials ready for William, Stephanie wanted to give the option of donating to a non-profit organization in her and Williams’ honor. It would fill her heart if you give a donation of any size to Reece’s Rainbow, an organization whose mission is “to advocate and find families for orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs by raising funds for adoption grants and promoting awareness through an online community, media communications, and other events.”

A list of donors will be provided to Stephanie. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email Michelle@ReecesRainbow.org


JAXON for the Berckmueller family — VA

Hugh and Janet Berckmueller were college sweethearts and have been married for 26 years. Hugh and Janet always knew they wanted a big family, and they were blessed with six biological children. Their sixth pregnancy was medically complicated, and after his birth, it was determined that little George had Down syndrome. He spent two months in the NICU, but since that time, he has grown to be a healthy and energetic little boy, and a very special addition to the Berckmueller family! George’s diagnosis opened up their view to the plight of children around the world who are abandoned because of Down syndrome. In August 2016, the Berckmuellers brought home sweet little Elsa from Asia, who also has Down syndrome. Watching her bloom and grow with the love of a family over the 2 1/2 years since she has been home has been truly amazing. After seeing firsthand the conditions of children in orphanages, particularly children with special needs, and seeing what the love and care of family can do for a child, it made Hugh and Janet want to pursue adopting again. They decided they had a little more room, a lot of love to share, and the heart to add another child to their family. Jaxon is living in the same orphanage where Elsa grew up, so they already feel a special connection to him. The Berckmueller family is so excited to welcome home this precious little boy!


MYRTIE for the Caudill family — WA

Adam and Siri Caudill enjoy life in beautiful rural WA. They are blessed with a biological daughter, Pia, born in September 2016. She is a sweet, smart and delightful girl who loves dolls as much as dinosaurs and trucks. Adam is a stay-at-home father and Siri is a veterinarian. They had both long felt the call to adopt a child, Adam having an adopted sister. Their hearts were reminded of this in an unexpected way.

They were overjoyed to become pregnant with a second child, a boy named Riku, who they lost in the second trimester of pregnancy. Riku had Down syndrome. Siri and Adam were prepared to parent a child with special needs and were devastated by this loss. As a result, they were made aware of the need for international adoption of children with special needs. They are thrilled to be in the long process of welcoming a young boy (“Myrtie” on Reece’s Rainbow) into their family from Eastern Europe. They found his profile and immediately felt drawn to him. He has spina bifida and associated hydrocephalus. Even though he is unable to walk and does not yet have a wheelchair, he does not let this hold him back. His spirit has captured their hearts. His personality is often described as sunny and he exudes a great joy for life. As every child deserves a loving home, they long to give him the love and medical care that he needs to continue to be such a happy boy.

They are deeply appreciative of any support they receive in the efforts to bring their son home.

*** Myrtie has received a $2,000 Grant! ***


NAHEEDA for the Breitenstein family — OR

We are adopting. In those three little words, there is so much meaning. They are the words that send our hearts soaring — it’s so surreal, has been SO long on our hearts, and the journey we’ve taken to this place looks nothing like we originally intended. But so it is with God. ⁣

His panoramic view has smashed our Polaroid at every turn. We can see only what is in front of us—the virtual snapshot of the life I’m living—and yet in his gracious goodness, He sees it all and is not shaken by the tidal wave of any one moment. His plan has been perfected in the waiting, and it is with great thankfulness and JOY that we find ourselves back here, in this space….waiting on His timing.

We are adopting from Eastern Europe. We plan to name this little girl Saylor – a name that means ‘rope’ or ‘tether’. Her name has become a metaphor for this entire adoption journey. Our hearts are tethered to a tiny baby living half a world away. We’re tethered by the promise of what is to come, by the permanence God has already spoken over our family and the intention with which He’s chosen us for one another.  God has anchored this little girl to our very souls and she is a part of us–even now. The need is great and the families are few, and we believe she is worthy. We desire to proclaim God’s gracious goodness and intention over her precious life. She is worthy of being wanted. We have chosen to pursue this little girl as our beloved daughter with deep, loving intention.

We have four kiddos, ages 7, 5, 3, and 1 – two boys and two girls. I am a public school kindergarten teacher and my husband works for our state government. We aren’t uniquely qualified in any way to pursue an international adoption, but we love Jesus with all we’ve got and our steadfast faith is in Him alone. We believe that He will light this path as we walk forward to bring our baby girl home!

We are stepping out in bold faith and brave love. International adoption is daunting, on so many fronts. The financial implications – especially for our big and blessed family of six – are substantial. We know this will stretch us, but we also know that God is so much bigger. We know He delights in bringing orphans into their forever families, and we raise our arms to Him knowing He will make a way for us in this season. He’ll light the path, and we’ll walk it in JOY as we bring our girl home.

I always tell my three year old, as he’s running around the house at lightning speed with his eyes on the floor, “LOOK UP! Look up, so you can see where you’re going”  Friends, will you look up with us? Will you fix your eyes on the One who adopted us ALL into His family as orphans, and will you help us bring this precious baby girl home?
The Breitenstein Family has met their matching grant from RODS Racing!  

*** Naheeda has received a for a $2,000 Grant! ***


CAROLINE for the Umstead family — PA

We are the Umstead family and we are so excited to add Caroline to our family! I am Heather and my husband is Tom. We have been married 26 years and have 4 biological children, 3 boys and a girl. One adopted son, and are in the process of bringing Caroline home to our family. Our biological children are all grown up and all but one are out on their own. That’s when God put adoption in our hearts. December 4th 2017 we traveled to Asia and brought home our son Samuel. Samuel has doubled the joy in our family! While we were in Asia we met Caroline who happened to be Samuel’s “bunk mate”. They had been together a long time and cuddled together during the cold nights because there wasn’t heat in their orphanage. We knew that one day we would return for her and we will name her Joy! The joy God has allowed us to experience on this journey, that is hard and sometimes ugly but also full of love and joy at sometimes.


MARIO for the Lankford family — TX

Bryan and Dana have searched for their son for five years, and they’ve [finally!] found him in Eastern Europe! The Lankfords began their journey in 2014 when they became dual licensed, foster to adopt parents in Dallas, Texas. They have loved on and provided stability to more than 20 children since opening their hearts and home, but the child they waited for eluded them.

During Thanksgiving 2017, Bryan and Dana saw a smiling, hopeful face on an international adoption website. They inquired and, less than a year later and after a whirlwind of paperwork and travel, they were overjoyed to become the proud parents of a happy, healthy, well-adjusted 16 year old Eastern European beauty who is the light of their lives. Yet there was an empty chair at the table.. the son who remained missing. They continued to search both domestically and internationally for him.

Mario is a 15-year-old Eastern European boy diagnosed with Epilepsy who will age out and become unadoptable in November, 2019. Mario has been listed on the international adoption register for the past six years. Six years of being passed over in favor of younger, healthier children; housed in an uncaring Bulgarian orphanage and then foster home in a remote, small town where his hopes and dreams fade alongside his chance of finding a loving family to call his own. Videos and photos show the light leaving his face as the years pass. Bryan and Dana have stepped forward for this precious child, confident that funds for his adoption can be raised before Mario ages out of the system and he loses his last chance for wholeness. Your donations are working miracles! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


DOMINIK for the Odegaard Family — SD

In 2010, Sam and Aaron met because two mutual friends found it strange that they both wanted “a lot of kids”. Their friends immediately introduced them. Within a few weeks, they were dating. Not long after, they had a serious talk about their future. Sam had grown up as a foster sister (her family had done foster care since she was 13). Her dream was to carry on that legacy. She wanted to foster and adopt. Aaron was fully supportive of this dream. Two short years later, they were married in July 2013!

They have carried out this dream already twice! They welcomed a son by birth, then adopted a 5-year-old boy, gave birth to a baby girl, adopted a 13-year-old girl, and then welcomed another boy through birth. Their kids are currently 14, 9, 5, 3, and 4 months. That makes 5 kids in 5 years!

Shortly after their second adoption, Sam found Reece’s Rainbow. She started researching and scouring websites full of waiting children all over the world. She read about “seeing the one” and “just knowing”. She asked Aaron many times about children she saw to see if maybe it was time to start an international adoption because they had simply found “the one”. She was heartbroken each and every time it was a “no”.

In December 2018, they welcomed another baby boy, Maverick, to the family. This put them at five kiddos in five years and they were sure they were done for a while. But then on January 25, 2019, just a month and a half after Maverick was born, Sam saw a picture of a little boy that made her heart skip a beat! She immediately started emailing his agency to find out more. She knew for certain that this was “the picture” she had been waiting to see! She approached Aaron with hesitation as they had just discussed waiting to add more kids to their family. He said “no” again, but this time she asked him to pray about it because she was certain he was their son. One month later, she asked again. This time, he asked questions about the boy, his country, and the process. Two weeks later, they submitted their first documents to adopt him! God sure does work in mysterious ways!! They welcome your prayers as they begin this long process to bring home Odegaard baby #6 in just 6 years.

They are so excited to meet their son but need help to get there! If you are able and feel called to do so, please pray for their journey and consider donating to help them get their son HOME.

The Odegaard family has a $5000 matching grant from RODS Racing!  When their FSP reaches 6,283.10, they’ll receive another $5000!

*** Dominik has received a $2,000 Grant! ***

PRESTON and KAYSEN for the Richardson family — IN

You’ve guessed it… the Richardson Tribe is growing again! This time the Lord has lead them to 2 boys.

“Preston” is 9 and “Kaysen” is 15, both having cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Jaime and Chris are rushing to get paperwork done and get to the boys ASAP. Kaysen will be 16 in June however he weights less than 30 lbs and spends in life confined to a crib, receiving 300 calories of nutrition a day. He is wasting away. Preston on the other hand is thriving! He was on the brink of death before some missionaries were able to get him medical care and through a series of God sized events, he was able to enter a loving foster home. The government, however, is stating that he has to return to the orphanage where he almost died in June!

The Richardsons need to get to the boys as soon as possible and they are praying for God to open the situational and financial doors to do so quickly.

Kayson and Preston will be joining their 10 siblings, all adopted, and parents in Indiana, where they will have a wonderful church and local community to help support their growth and development.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support in getting these precious children into a family where they will be cherished and belong.

Preston has received a $11,898 Waiting Child Grant.
Kaysen has received a $90 Waiting Child Grant.


KATARINA and DALTON for the Robinson family — GA

For those of you who know Jode and Kelley, you know they have felt for years that their family was not yet complete. Yes, they already have seven beautiful children at home, but when God laid it upon their hearts to once again adopt, they could not ignore the calling.

Inasmuch, they are pursuing a child (or two) from an Eastern European country – one which they have loved dearly and missed greatly. They look forward to going back and seeing those who have become like extended family.

Having completed five international adoption, they know that adoption can be expensive. However, they also know that God is faithful. Experience has proven that where He leads them, He will also supply all that they need. If you would like to support their efforts, please hit that donate button. Your generous financial gift is tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

The Robinsons will be adding updated posts to their blog as things progress. If you would like to come along on this journey, please follow their blog. As always, your fervent prayers are greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for coming along with us on this amazing journey!
9/24/2019 — APPT on SEPT 30

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Girl, born 2013

Congenital malformation of the central nervous system
symptomatic epilepsy
atactic syndrome

Listed: Aug 2014


, , , ,


Boy, born 2012
Cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, microcephaly

Robert is a sweet little boy who loves to smile and laugh. His laugh is contagious and makes you laugh. He loves to play outside and swing. He also likes the zipline. He loves to be a big brother and is sweet with little kids and with babies. He loves to make babies laugh and loves to hold them. He can say a few words but only does it in front of people he knows well and is comfortable with. The words he can say are pretty clear. He will shake his head no if he doesn’t want something or yes if he wants something. He is getting better at responding to directions. He is potty trained. He loves to sit on your lap and cuddle.

Video available.


Girl, born 2015
Down syndrome

LuLu brings joy wherever she goes!

LuLu has a smile that just lights up the room. This sweet girl was born with Down syndrome and came into care when she was about 1 year old. At that time she was delayed in all areas and had a lot of catching up to do. With a lot of hard work, LuLu is now walking with the security of holding onto a walker. She’s just a little too scared to let go! She is social and outgoing and greets everyone as they enter the room. Her favorite game is pointing to parts of her body and when she is right everyone is rewarded with a classic LuLu smile!

LuLu is ready to spread some joy!

Families may qualify for a $5,000 grant with her current adoption agency.

$10.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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Boy, born 2017
Down syndrome

Bradley is a sweet baby who delights in exploring the toy shelf. He is quick to pick out his favorite toys and grab them off the shelf. He was born with Down syndrome but no other noted medical issues. Bradley is a happy little baby who loves to be cuddled. Like most babies with Down syndrome Bradley is delayed in many areas but he is making impressive progress. He is crawling and cruising on furniture. He can even walk a few steps independently. He loves to imitate sounds and is now able to say a few words. Even though he is still very young he is already understanding what his nannies are saying to him and following simple directions. Bradley is ready from some excitement and nothing is going to hold him back!

Bradley is ready to meet every challenge with a smile. Will you be there to help him?

Families may qualify for a $5,000 grant from his current agency.

SILAS and PATRICIA for the Winslow family — GA

We are the Winslow family; a family of 4 who is working towards becoming a family of 6, by adoption! Our story began in 2007, when I met my husband, Dan. Dan was an active duty PFC in the Army and was a very proud soldier. Sadly, and proudly, the day came when Dan received orders for his deployment to Iraq, and it was scheduled to be an 18-month long tour.  When Dan deployed that day, I was about four months pregnant with our son; whom was named after his dad.

Unfortunately, Dan’s deployment did not go without complication. During a mission, one of his battle buddies dropped a very large and heavy tailgate onto the top of his head. This injury was not properly treated by the medical team and sadly everyone went on with their mission, Dan included. Over the next several months, Dan continued to serve in Iraq and did have many complications arise that were going untreated.

When our adorable baby boy was born, Dan was unable to make it home. Dan was not able to officially meet Daniel until a “rest and relaxation” was allotted, which allowed Dan leave Iraq for 18 days to be home. At that time, Daniel was 2 months old. During the 18 days home, we were officially married. After returning to Iraq, two years after the initial accident, a brain scan was even completed and we learned Dan suffered a traumatic brain injury. Due to this, Dan’s “planned out future” of staying Army until a 20-year retirement turned into becoming medically retired from the United States Army at the age of 25.

Dan and I were absolutely thrilled being parents, we always wanted a large family. We became pregnant again but lost the baby in a very early stage; this happened again during pregnancy number three and four. These losses were very hard on our family. In January of 2014, Daniel was 5 years old and we were once again blessed to learn that I was pregnant, but also absolutely petrified. Our beautiful little girl decided to come none the less; at only 25 weeks gestation; we named our tiny girl Joslynn.

Throughout our marriage, Dan and I have always had discussions about adoption, our goal has always been to have a blended family of biological and adoptive children. We always had this image that when God spoke, we would know it was time to start the process to adopt from foster, but little did we know the plans He had in store for us.

On a morning that seemed no different than any other day, I was scrolling on Facebook of all places and came across a post that a friend made. This post showed a picture of an adorable little boy with the sweetest grin.  I learned that this sweet child was in Eastern Europe and I learned this child was an orphan and had a lot of the same special needs as our Joslynn! I can’t explain it in any other way then that I felt God speak to my heart. It was as if He said, “this is your son.” Then we came across a little girl with adorable curls and it was as if we could hear her laugh through her photo. Dan and I just looked at each other and we knew.

Feeling so called, we started praying very fervently, this was such a big cost and a scary one to boot. How could we possibly think we could do this? When speaking to Daniel and Joslynn regarding the children, they were both so excited. Daniel yelled out “I will make a lemonade stand! We can raise the money” and our hearts just melted. Just today, our little Joslynn found a penny in a parking lot and excitedly exclaimed “this is going to help bring our babies home!” Its such a big leap of faith, but as a family it’s a faith walk, we feel God is calling us on. We are trusting in Him to provide and doing all we can to be open vessels for that providing.

Silas and Patricia have each received a $2000 grant! 

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Girl, born 2017
Neonatal brain injury, hypothyroidism, rickets

Two year old Wendy is close with her caretakers and likes being held by them. Her file states that she has sharp reaction to outside stimulation such as sound source and visually following objects. She likes being teased, giggling, and can turn over onto her stomach. Her file indicates that she communicates her emotions by facial expression and reacts to being called.

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Girl, born 2015
Down syndrome

Gwen has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and nystagmus. Gwen is described as optimistic, outgoing, and smiley. Her file states that she can stand and walk with support. According to her file, Gwen likes playing with her shoes, making excited ah-ah sounds, and listening to music, where she wiggles to the songs.

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Girl, born 2013
Down syndrome

Cynthia has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, esotropia of both eyes, and nystagmus. She is described as active, with a ready smile. According to her report in 2016, she can walk stably, crawl, play on big toys outside, and throw a ball with purpose. Her file says her speech is delayed, but can make simple noises to express her emotions. Her file states that she enjoys sunshine, loves playing outside, running, jumping, and laughing. Cynthia’s file says she likes holding her caretakers’ hand and dancing.
*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant!  Through the end of 2019, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant! ***

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Boy, born 2013

Jonah is a joy to be around. His smile and laughter lights up the room, especially when he really gets going. He loves to cuddle, get kisses, and to be included on what is going on around him. He has some breathing issues and breathes very loudly but does not regularly use any thing extra to help him breathe. Jonah has struggled with gaining weight his whole life, but lately has been doing better. In December of 2017 he had g-tube surgery and in December of 2018 he had a nissen to help prevent him from vomiting. He is unable to tolerate large amounts of food at a time so he is continuously fed with a feeding pump through his g-tube with a medical formula. Now that he has a nissen he is able to keep more inside him rather than vomiting it back out. Jonah has very high tone but is on medication to help with that as well as goes to therapy multiple times a week for stretching, massage, exercises, and time in the stander.

Jonah can hold his head up on his own, but isn’t steady and will often fall backwards or forwards. He can recover from this on his own but often needs encouragement and occasionally a little help. Jonah can roll from his front to his back or from a side to his back or his front, but cannot yet turn 360 degrees without help. He can also scoot around a little bit whether he is on his back or his stomach. On his stomach he can lift his head up to look around, but does not do so for long periods of time. Jonah needs help keeping his arms in position for supporting his upper body on his elbows. He cannot yet fully sit on his own, but will do most of the work when in a sitting position. Jonah can hold things in his hands, but does not do so for very long. He currently uses a special tomato chair for sitting as well as his wheelchair when needing to be mobile.

Jonah has been going to preschool for just over a year and has been working on communicating and making more and more choices. He can use a yes/no board or make choices between two things by touching the item or card or by looking in the direction of what he wants. He is learning to read just like most five and a half year olds are.

Jonah needs a family who can advocate for his care and love him fiercely. He needs access to more doctors than he has available in the country he is in to address and test some of his needs that cannot be done here.

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Girl, born 2011
Developmental delays, deaf, VSD, history of seizures

Sasha is a spunky, free spirited 8 year old. She has developmental delays, but is very curious about her surroundings. She is constantly walking around and picking things up to examine them, play with them, or chew on them. She loves to interact when you mimic the things she does as well as being tickled. She laughs and has a fun sparkle in her eye. She also loves watching and interacting with herself in the mirror.

Communication with her is limited since she is deaf and has yet to learn sign language. She understands some signs such as “sit” and “no”, but has yet to repeat signs back to us such as “more” and “food.” Sasha continues to work on those both in her foster home and with her teacher at school, but it has been very slow progress. She also has a VSD (hole in her heart), but her body has learned to live with it well. She has been taken off all her heart medicine, and seems to be doing well so far. She has seen doctors about surgery, but none has been needed so far. She is also on medication for seizures, but under the current combination of seizure medication, she has not a had a seizure.

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Boy, born 2009
Cerebral Palsy

Listed: March 2019

Barrett is described as a cute kid with a ready smile. He is said to be able to express himself and speak clearly. Because of his CP he needs help with many of his daily needs. He is not able to walk so must use a wheelchair.

His best friend was recently adopted and he hopes he can also be adopted soon and get the help he needs to live as full a life as possible. Could you be his parents and welcome him into your family?

SID for the Dabbs family — NC

Melanie and Luke Dabbs have been best friends since their senior year of high school. The two met at a church they were both attending in 2010, and have been inseparable ever since! After courting for 7 years, they were married in Raleigh, NC in April, 2017. They now live in Raleigh with their corgi-terrier mix, Kona. They both love superheroes, Disney movies, cosplaying, traveling, and board games. Melanie is a teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing, and teaches at a middle school. Luke is a Real Estate photographer and just graduated from NC State University with a major in Spanish. Melanie and Luke love language, traveling, and different cultures, and are excited to get to know their adopted child’s home country and culture.

Since Melanie was a little girl, she has dreamed of growing her family through adoption. It was something she talked to Luke about before they were married, and they were both in agreement that they would adopt someday. However, with all of the country requirements, such as age and length of marriage, just out of reach, they were prepared to have to wait to start their adoption journey for several years. That’s when Melanie’s friend announced that she would be adopting from a small orphanage in a West African country. After asking some questions, Melanie realized that she and Luke also met the country requirements for adopting from this country! They looked at a picture of some of the children who also lived in that orphanage, and fell in love with a little boy named Sid.

Sid is an adorable 5-year-old boy who loves Spider-Man, cars, and turtles. Melanie and Luke have been able to talk to him twice a month, and the first time they spoke to him, he said, “I love you, Mom and Dad!”. That is a moment the two of them will never forget!

Sid was badly burned as a toddler, and currently does not have use of his hands. He needs several surgeries to loosen scar tissue and allow his body to grow properly, as well as give him back the use of his hands. He also needs a family to love him and hold him through his medical journey! Melanie and Luke are so excited to meet their little guy and bring him home!


TABITHA for Eric and Blythe — SC

Eric and Blythe are really excited about starting this adoption journey to bring Tabitha home! They believe that she will be the perfect little girl to join their family and all of their other kids agree! Eric and Blythe currently have five amazing children and this will be their fourth adoption. Adoption is an important part of their family’s story and they are so thankful and humbled to have the opportunity to walk through it again.

They know that their youngest little girl is waiting, an oceans lengths away, and so they are running as fast as they can to get to her! Eric and Blythe have seen, time after time, how God makes the impossible POSSIBLE! They are fully putting this adoption in His hands and believing that He will provide the energy and the funding to make it all happen. They are thankful for each and every person that joins them in helping to bring Tabitha home.
10/1/2019 — COURT PASSED


Sammy & Abbie for the Falls family — AL

There are times in our life when God is calling us to step out on faith and trust in Him and no one could have given us a more profound love and help us have a greater faith and trust in our Lord than our precious second born son Jake. Born with a terminal illness that left him severely handicapped and medically fragile, Jake opened our eyes to a whole new world of special needs, chronic illnesses and medical fragility that we never knew existed. Yet through all the struggles, we found the true face of God, our Rock, our Redeemer, our great Comforter. Because of his pure and selfless love, having Jake as our son has completely transformed our lives and we are forever changed by God’s blessings and His goodness. He has blessed us in this life with 3 wonderful sons and although shortly after his 3rd birthday, we were stricken by life’s greatest tragedy in losing our precious and beloved Jake, we can’t help but be thankful that we have been chosen for such a treacherous journey because through the storms, our eyes have been opened to see the beauty of God’s precious orphans that are in need a mother and father to show them the love and comforts of a family.

Because of Jake, we have a heart for God’s special children living in orphanages that have been “thrown away” and otherwise forgotten. To others they may seem damaged but we see the true beauty that God sees in them and we know the full potential they possess if only given the chance. We feel that God is tugging at our hearts to adopt our 4th son whom we believe God has already chosen for us; a precious angel who was placed in a orphanage simply because he was born with Down Syndrome. What his birth mother saw as a burden, we know if a gift from God and we want to show him how worthy and loved he truly is but we need your help to make him ours. We are fully stepping out on faith and trusting God to make a way financially for us to bring our next child home. We trust in Him and know that He will provide for our needs. We want to thank you in advance for helping us bring our precious angel home and give him a wonderful family who will give him the life he deserves.

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Girl, born 2006
Down syndrome

Listed: March 2019

Sweet Adalia is 12 years old, and weighs 44 pounds. Agency staff met her in 2011, and still … she waits. She is in desperate need of a family.  She must be adopted by her 14th birthday, or she will be un-adoptable!  These photos are from March 2019.

Adalia is able to crawl and can stand with support. Her caregivers say that she refuses solid food, so she only eats food that is very watered down. Her favorite toy is a rocking horse. There is a video of her crawling over and climbing up to rock for a while. The nannies note that she does not interact with those around her and does not follow directions. Adalia receives some simple therapy in the orphanage and the teachers there work with her as well.

What Adalia needs most is to receive the one-on-one attention that a family could provide and the unconditional love of her very own mom and dad.

She has a $3,000 grant with her current agency.
*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email childinquiry@reecesrainbow.org ***

JULIE for the Tiller family — NH

Steve and Kim Tiller have been married since 2005, but their story began long before then. Not really running in the same circle of friends initially, both Steve and Kim have been active Kingdom workers in New Hampshire and globally since the 1990’s. They even got to spend the turn of the century serving together with others on a short-term mission trip, helping to clean up and prepare an orphanage building in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. Not long after, Kim trained for and transitioned to working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Kyiv, Ukraine. While applying the love of Jesus through volunteering, she felt God’s calling to adopt a young boy with Down Syndrome named Taras (Ty). Kim and Ty traveled back to the USA in late 2004. Very impressed by God’s provision and Kim’s faithfulness, Steve was blessed to spend lots of time with Kim and Ty in the early weeks of 2005 (which resulted in them getting married in August of that year).

In July of 2006 their son, Jacob, was born with Down Syndrome. Jacob’s path of visiting doctors, being helped by feeding & swallowing specialists, and receiving Early Intervention was blazed beforehand by his older brother. Jacob is the Tiller family’s little director and has been acknowledged as well to be the king of the schools he has attended (starting in preschool)!

A few months before Jacob turned 3, the Tiller family was expanded by another son, Zachary. Though not having Down Syndrome, Zachary is compassionate, a great friend and advocate for his brothers. The Tillers have been blessed beyond measure by these three boys & the community of friends and family that surround them.

Kim has always had a desire to adopt more children, especially kids with Down Syndrome. The impact of her first-hand experience of seeing what institutional life can be like for children with special needs and the corresponding challenges in their early years has motivated her to be an adoption prayer warrior. In 2012, she stepped up her prayer efforts with the help of Reece’s Rainbow website, spending significant time lifting up the children in the various stages of adoption and those yet to be adopted. The Tiller boys would also join her by praying for specific children and would rejoice when some would come home with their new families.

The Tillers are excited to share the news that one of these precious children will be joining their family. They have agreed that it is time to welcome home a little girl with Down Syndrome. Julie’s sweet smile drew them right to her! They are looking forward to sharing in God’s upcoming blessings with her and showering her with the love of a family. Ty, Jacob and Zach will be fantastic big brothers. Zach in particular is especially ready for her to come home soon!

Your prayer & financial support has a huge impact in God’s Kingdom and is a true blessing to the Tillers!

Julie has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.


WYATT for the Kingsley family — WI

From four to seven all in a year. Only God can move mountains like the Kingsleys have seen. Some would call it a miracle. The completion of their family has been a marathon and a sprint all wrapped into one.

Their endurance fueled by love will carry them to the finish line, and bringing home sweet Wyatt will be their reward.

Aaron and Gretchen recently completed the Eastern European adoption of two older teenage sisters, Maliyah (16) and Mira (15) after God led their family to the girls through an orphan hosting program. Maliyah and Mira joined Natalie (11) and Nolan (9) and made their family six.

But God wasn’t finished with them yet. Just when they thought His plan was complete, God showed them a sweet boy from the other side of the world that tugged on their heartstrings.

Growing up with a brother who had special needs and is now her angel, Gretchen knew there was something special about Wyatt when she saw his sweet face. It rang deep within her, the need to bring him home.

Gretchen had been praying for months that Aaron’s heart would open to Wyatt, but she kept her desires quiet. If it was God’s will, she knew he would do the hard work. On the evening before her birthday, Aaron saw Wyatt for the first time and insisted he should be a Kingsley. God delivered on a miracle that was previously presumed to be out of reach. But isn’t that what He does! He was paving the way for this beautiful family!

Building a longer table and not a higher fence was their motto, but were they taking on too much, they wondered. Were they capable of raising one more? Was a child with Down syndrome out of their league? After much praying, it became clear they were not equipped, but that God had indeed called them, and so with their faith, they knew He would equip them!

Weeks later, the family committed to Wyatt on his fifth birthday and have been on a sprint ever since. Filling their days researching, completing paperwork, visiting GiGi’s Playhouse, and meeting with families of children with Down syndrome has been their new normal…and they are loving it!

The Kingsley family feels so blessed to have seen Wyatt and is so grateful to Reece’s Rainbow. With the recently completed adoption of their oldest daughters, they understand they will have to get creative with their fundraising. Any support through prayers, words of encouragement, or financial contributions will never be overlooked or forgotten. The family is forever grateful for your support. Please help them bring Wyatt home!
10/23/2019 — LOA RECEIVED

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Boy, born 2015
Down Syndrome, ASD, PDA, and pulmonary hypertension

Timm is a handsome little fellow who was born January 2015, and who enjoys listening to music and playing with toys. He is quiet, shy and gets along well with the others around him. When he sees someone he knows he will reach out for them to hold him and while being held he will rest his head on their shoulders. He is close with his foster mother, and will always watch her when she is nearby, and dances with joy when she comes over to him. Timm has Down syndrome, as well as a congenital heart defect (ASD, PDA, and Pulmonary Hypertension). In May 2015 he had a surgical procedure for his heart and is said to have recovered well.

As of November 2017, he can sit, stand and walk while holding on to rails or by having both of his hands held. He is able to hold a bottle, but needs help when drinking from a straw. He does not yet use words but will make “ah” sounds to express his needs. He knows what ‘no’ means and will cry when disciplined. Timm can feed himself crackers and becomes happy when he sees food! He is waiting to make memories with his very own family.

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Boy, born 2011
Down syndrome

His caregiver’s description of him says it all! “He is active and cheerful; has a ready smile; will smile at you if you call him; his smile is moving and makes you feel warm; docile; does not lose temper freely; will be comforted easily; shy in front of strangers; can dance with music; adorable.” Will was born with Down syndrome and no other known health issues.
*** I am eligible for an additional $5,000 Grant!  Through 2019, children with Down syndrome ages 6-9 are eligible for a $5000 Older Child Grant! ***

YIA for the Bartlett family — WI

Steve, a special education teacher, and Stacy, a science teacher, have always known they would grow their family through adoption. Since first starting the process to adopt from foster care in 2008, they have walked an adoption path that has turned out to be long and winding, hope-filled and heart-breaking, and, ultimately, one of surrender. After a recent, failed international adoption of a dearly loved and known daughter, Steve and Stacy began questioning how – wait things out, switch countries, adopt from foster care – or even if they could or should proceed – maybe their dream hadn’t been meant-to-be, afterall.

And then a series of seemingly random events led Stacy to see the photos and videos of a precious, adorable, funny, mischievous, and joyful little girl named Yia. Stacy’s heart melted and exploded at the same time.

Stacy gathered up the courage to discuss this unexpected adoption possibility with Steve and the boys, Kye (17) and Kade (14). ALL of them agreed that nothing about it made any sense: Yia was from a country that would require them to switch agencies, countries, and start back at square one with their paperwork, Yia had a lot of medical unknowns (though they love that she is a heart warrior just like their son, Kye), Yia was younger than they had considered, and, financially, their failed adoption left them completely unprepared to pursue her adoption. And yet, they have decided to step out in faith because it is clear, beyond a shadow of doubt, that Yia is their daughter. They are believing and trusting that Yia has been the plan all along, and, so far, each step of this new journey has confirmed that.

The Bartletts are excited, scared, hopeful, cautious, optimistic, anxious, but most of all certain that Yia is their sister and child. They would be forever grateful for your support as they run to bring Yia home!

Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Yia has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.
Yia has also received a Waiting Child Grant of $1,102.65.

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Damian and his brother

Boy, born 2016

Other disorders of psychological development
Disorder of brain, unspecified
Patent ductus arteriosus

He has a brother in a different orphanage born in 2007.  They must be adopted together!

, , ,


Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome

Lark is a precious little girl! Lark is optimistic and she likes to play with tiny balls and toy blocks. She is especially curious about new toys. Her teacher gives her attentive care, often holding her and talking to her. She also takes Lark outside to enjoy the sunshine. As of November of 2017, she could scoot around and walk while holding onto something for support. She was babbling, but not yet saying words. Lark does understand and can follow simple instructions. Her teacher is working hard with her on language, recognizing objects, and physical activities.  The agency is hoping for an update soon.

Lark has a $1,500 agency grant for her adoption with a specific adoption agency. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions.

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Boy, born 2009

Muscular Dystrophy

Updated pic 2019; Wilson has lost the ability to stand and walk.


Wilson is a sweet, happy, playful boy. He is great with little kids and bigger kids. He loves to play legos, color, watch tv, go to the beach and just be with those who care for him. He spent one summer and winter break with a host family, he bonded well with them. He is affectionate and makes good eye contact.

He has a progressive form of Muscular Dystrophy. He can no longer stand, walk or crawl. He can still sit upright by himself. He does require help dressing, bathing and some help with eating. He is toilet trained but needs help to get to the toilet. He longs to belong and be given love and attention. He adapts well to new adventures, people and places. He will be a blessing to any family.
*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***

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Girl, born 2013
Cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Anney’s file states that she is a cuddly girl who loves being held by her caretakers. Her file says she loves to laugh and clap her hands when happy. Her pictures capture her bright and happy smile that light up a room.

MARSHALL for the Kincinas family — IL

Sheryl and John met while supporting adults with disabilities, most of whom have Down syndrome, and married five years later. Early into their relationship, they were committed to adopting a child with Down syndrome. That plan was put on hold when their second child was born with Down syndrome. He was closely followed by his little brother. Tragically, their middle son passed away suddenly after his fourth birthday.

John and Sheryl again recommitted to parenting a child with Down syndrome, and brought home a Reece’s Rainbow child with Down syndrome in February of 2018. They tried to bring home another little boy at the same time, but rule changes went into effect which prohibited this plan. A vow was made that, if everyone in their family was adjusting well from the adoption, they would go back for the other boy. And the time has come!

The Kincinas family is excited to travel back to Asia this summer to bring home Marshall. He has been in their hearts for nearly two years and they are eager to have him in their arms. Their kids are thrilled to have another sibling to run around with, and are looking forward to another adventure in Asia.They thank everyone who has advocated and prayed for Marshall and appreciate any financial help that is given.
9/25/2019 — TRAVELING in OCTOBER

Marshall has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.


TINA for the Sellers family — NM

Matt and Christy Sellers have been married for 21 years. They have 6 children, 3 of which were adopted internationally and just happen to be rocking an extra chromosome. Their love for children and Down Syndrome has led them to pursue another sweet girl to add to their family — and she will soon be named Glory.

They love investing in the lives of children. Seeing each child grow and change has been one of their most exciting seasons of their marriage. It has grown them to be more like Christ.

Adoption finances are challenging, but so worth the work. If you would like to be a part of bringing their little girl home, please consider donating. They are trusting that God will provide the means to bring her home. We can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

*** Tina has received a $2,000 Grant! ***

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Kai and Konner

Boys, born 2008 & 2010
Blood condition

Kai and Konner were raised by their grandparents and brought into care four years ago.

Elder brother Kai is enrolled in second grade and known as a playful, clever boy who learns quickly. He is learning basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, reading and telling time. He enjoys eating snacks and seafood. There are no concerns with his motor development and Kai enjoys various sports, skipping rope and running outdoors. His favorite activities include remote controlled toys and video games. It’s noted that he gets along well with the other children, assists the caregivers, and has good self-care skills.

Younger brother Konner is known to be stubborn at times but playful. Konner avoids candy as he is afraid of tooth decay, but enjoys fruits, sausage, corn and seafood. There are no concerns with Konner’s motor development. He can help with chores and has good self-care skills. He is enrolled in preschool and learning basic math problems, colors, shapes, reading cartoon books and enjoys completing his homework. Similar to his brother, Konner likes to be outside playing in the park, running, skipping rope and playing video games.

The boys take daily medications & have no other health concerns.

Eligible families may qualify for an agency grant, in addition to a $15,000 Child-Specific Grant (exp. 5/15/2019) from the agency.

Little A for the Boyer family — FL

They are stepping again … This will be Dennis & Cindy’s 4th Adoption. In 2012 their first Adoption Journey was for their little Adalyn in Russia. They traveled in December, spent a week with their precious little one, while they were with Adalyn the threat of the Ban was circulating. The Judge was trying to get them back quickly for Court. But a week after their return home the Ban became law and Adoptions were stopped in Russia. They did everything they could, gathering with the other families that also had children behind the Orphanage Gates in Russia, meeting with our Government, Praying, Believing. Adalyn is now 8 years old still in an Orphanage, we still Believe for the day she will come through the Orphanage Gates & Home.

In 2014 God brought two little ones Abraham & Sarah. They knew the two little ones were their son & daughter and on January 7, 2014 they Committed to adopt two little ones in Ukraine, just 2 & 3 years old, biological siblings. A month after starting their Adoption the War broke out in Ukraine and the two little ones were in one of the 3 Cities where the War was. Dennis & Cindy still continued, Believing, listening to God, knowing He would bring their babies home. On May 7 their paperwork was submitted and on June 7 they got travel dates. But soon were told they could not travel due to active bombing in their children’s city. God spoke through it all & they Believed, Prayed, clung to their Faith & never gave up. On Dec. 4, 2014 just as God had spoken, Abraham & Sarah took their first steps in America, their Home. God did Miracle after Miracle in protecting, bringing them out of a War zone and brought them Home just as He spoke & Promised… They will be Home for CHRISTmas, and they were.

In February of 2016 God brought another little one to Dennis & Cindy. Little Ayden … Ayden’s adoption was another Journey of Trusting God, watching, Trusting and seeing once again His perfect timing , Miracles. On December 7, 2017 little Ayden took his first steps on American soil.

When Dennis & Cindy were in Ayden’s adoption God brought a little 10 year into their Home through Hosting , little did they know then what God’s plan was. They Hosted this precious little boy now turning 13 in March 7 times in their Home. God is still unfolding His plan for this little boy in their family.

Then in October of 2018 God brought a little girl, Little “A” just 6 years old. While following another family’s Adoption Cindy saw on their page this little one, they were looking for a family to Host her for CHRISTmas… Little A was their Sarah, she could be Sarah’s Twin. When Cindy showed her video to Abraham, Sarah & Ayden they all thought it was Sarah. Cindy wrestled for a week trying to figure this one out. How could they possibly do this, they were already Hosting their little boy, this was another Hosting Agency, would involve raising funds, flying to another city to pick her up. After a week she went to Dennis & when she showed him her picture & video he too thought it was his daughter Sarah. So they stepped in faith seeing what God would do. In a day He provided all her funds for Hosting and then He provided all her flight fees. When she landed on Dec. 19 in Texas & Cindy saw this tiny little one come through the doors, frightened, looking all around, not knowing where she was with tears in her little eyes. She scooped her up and immediately she knew and her heart broke knowing in just a month she would have to send her back. Little “A” fit into our family from the minute she stepped into their lives. She was another CHRISTmas Miracle, a Gift from God and when Cindy asked God how can we do this again, how can we send her back. God told her. I brought her to you. You have to send her back so I can bring her Home. So here they are again after raising their 8 children to Adults, 9 Grandchildren, God opened their hearts, their Home & family to Adoption … They will continue to step & follow … Will you help them bring their Precious Little “A” Home?