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Brendon #

Boy: 2018 Brendon Listed: Dec 2020 Diagnosis: Prenatal absence of the septum pellucidum and ventrіculоmegalу Due to a prenatal diagnosis, Brendan had several CT scans after birth. A CT scan with 3D skull reconstruction was ordered. The results showed no neurological or skull deformities were found. It was determined that he did not need any type […]


Donna #

Girl: 2011 Listed: Sep. 2020 Diagnosis: Moderate mental delays. Congenital cataract oculi utriusque (on both eyes). Concomitant convergent strabismus. Astigmatism oculi utriusque. Hyperkinetic behavior disorder. Low birth weight. Stable walk, climbs up and down stairs unassisted. Willingly and enthusiastically participates in the individual sport and kinesitherapy activities. Sociable, engages easily in interaction with peers and […]


Dawson #

Dawson Birth year: 2017 Diagnosis: Klinefelter’s syndrome; Hepatitis B; Shunt due to hydrocephalus present at birth Dawson just turned 3 years old. His last developmental report shows that he can sit, crawl, stand without support and walk while holding someone’s hand. He moves around freely in a walker. He picks of toys and has a […]


Bethany #

Girl: 2016 Special Needs: Autism Bethany is a sweet little 3-year-old!  She enjoys playing with her toys and will often imitate what the older children are doing. She also like to have close contact with other children and adults in her home. Bethany was diagnosed with autism and would need some special attention from her […]


Aaron #

Boy: 2017 Listed: 2019 Diagnosis: Spastic CP   Aaron has increased muscle tone in all 4 limbs. A physical therapist is working with him daily to stretch his muscles to help improve his ability to move. He can roll from his stomach to his back and control his head movements. He will hold a toy […]


Ian #

Boy: 2017 SN: down syndrome Listed: Sep 2019 Meet sweet little Ian! He is lagging behind developmentally within the norms of the syndrome. He has 6 fingers on his right hand and may be having surgery to remove the extra finger in the future. He holds his head up and turns from his back to […]


Lazar #

Boy: 2017 Listed: 06/2019 Special needs: Down Syndrome Lazar is a handsome boy seeking a family that can give him the time, attention and love needed so he has the opportunity to thrive! Lazar was born in  2017.  He has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, Trisomy 21, Regular Form.  His doctors report that his general […]


Penny #

Girl: 2017 Diagnosis: down syndrome, reduced vision, epilepsy, delayed motor development, developmental delays Listed: 5/2019 We have some updated photos and information on Penny. She is unable to sit up on her own or stand. She doesn’t make eye contact or speak. Penny can flip from back to front and holds her head upright. According […]


Ivey #

Ivey, born 2015 Listed: May 2019 Diagnosis: Turner Syndrome Ivey currently lives in a group home for children with special needs and there are no other children her age in the home. She has delays in all aspects of her development. She was born with a heart condition that was surgically corrected. She still takes heart […]


Garrett #

Boy:  2016 Diagnosis: Down syndrome, polysyndactyly Listed: Jan 2019 Garrett is an adorable little boy, born in November of 2016 with Down syndrome, polysyndactyly (webbed fingers/toes) – 3rd and 4th fingers on both hands and 2nd and 3rd toe on both feet, congenital cardiac malformation – open foramen ovale with preserved chamber function (the foramen […]


Liam #

Born 2015 Diagnosis: mental delays, asthma, strabismus Listed: Dec 2018 Liam was born with a cleft lip & palate. It has been surgically repaired. He has delays in his development and is currently working with a speech therapist to improve his speech. His medical report mentions decreased hearing, which could be the underlying reason for his […]


Donnie #

DonnieBoy: 2016 Diagnosis: mental delays Donnie was placed in a foster home when he was one week old. His social worker has reported that this is not a good placement for him. The foster mother is older and refuses to take Donnie to appointments for early intervention services. It has also been reported to the […]


Vinnie #

Boy: 2009 Vinnie is a very happy little guy who lives in Eastern Europe. He is very social and possesses basic cognitive abilities such as recognizing objects and understanding and performing simple instructions. Vinnie daily routine includes activities that are tailored to his abilities and specific health needs. Vinnie attends kindergarten and works with a resource teacher. […]


Vinny #

Boy: 2015 Diagnosis: Infantile Cerebral Palsy – spastic quadric paresis. Muscle hypertonia. Delay in the neuro-psychological development. Hydronephrosis 1st degree Listed: August 2017 Vinny is an adorable little boy that is living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He has poor muscle tone and active movements. Coordination is poor as well due to walking on […]





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