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Girl, born 2008 PRC HIV+ Janessa is a beautiful girl, born in December of 2008, who has had a lot of loss in her life. Janessa’s caregivers say that she is very quiet and introverted, but that she has good language comprehension. She scores very well on her Chinese tests and average in mathematics. With […]


Allie and Noah

Siblings, listed Feb 2020 Girl, born 2016 Down syndrome HIV tetralogy of fallot Other congenital malformations of cardiac septa Other congenital malformations of pulmonary artery boy, born 2010 healthy   $1,480.35 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!    


Russ and Ward

Twin Boys, born 2018 Boy 1:                                            Boy 2: disorder of the brain                  disorder of the brain hypermetropia                    […]


Elaine, Jerry and George

Girl, born 2018 HIV Other disorder of speech Abnormal results of cardiac function   Boy, born 2016 healthy Boy, born 2014  (pic is 2 yrs old) healthy  



Boy, born 2017 possible HIV infection or contact with smb. HIV positive encephalopathy of unspecified aetiology atrial septal defect ventricular septal defect Listed: March 2019 Izak has two older siblings, same region but far away; they must be adopted together!



Boy, born Oct 2006 PRC HIV+ Listed: September 2018 Several new pics available!! Update 2019: Hudson is outgoing and actively interacting with people. He does not exclude communicating with strangers. He likes to play mobile games, with weak self-control. He listens to other people’s opinions and is willing to express his own ideas. However, he […]



Girl, born 2004 HIV+, has appointments monthly at a government ART center. CD4 count is 750. Viral load is undetectable as of Feb 2018.  She started ARTs in Dec 2016. She looked very sickly when she arrived at SCH, as she hadn’t started ARTs yet, but now her face has filled out and she looks healthier. […]


Zion L26

Boy, born April 2007 HIV I, N II. Hepatitis B. Atopic dermatitis – remission. Allergy to the cow milk products; low physical development. The consequences of the prenatal defect of central system of nerves, the delay of psychomotor development. Listed: October 2017 Zion has blue eyes, light hair, and is very joyful. Zion likes to […]


Jozy, Rowan and Reisen

Girl, born 2013 HIV boy, born 2008 mental delays boy, born 2010 mental delays Listed: Jan 26, 2017 The dynamic duo – here come Rowan and Reisen. Their smile can light up a room and they are certain to win you over with their little boy charm. Both love cars and chocolate. Rowan has been […]



Boy, born 2010 HIV other disorders of the nervous system other disorder of psychological develpmt chronic atticoantral suppurative otitis media He also has a brother born in 2007 Listed: Nov 30, 2016   *** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, […]



Boy, born 2008 HIV, slight mental delay Listed: Nov 28, 2016 Henley is a very quiet boy.   *** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***



Boy, born 2010 HIV +, possible FAS Hepatomegaly with splenomegaly, not elsewhere classified Listed: Oct 2015   *** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***



Boy, born 2010 HIV disease resulting in multiple infections, Disorder of brain, Divergent concomitant strabismus, Atopic dermatitis, Umbilical hernia Listed: June 2015 Video available from 2016. He has 3 older half-siblings, it is believed they live with family or a foster family at this time. This child shows significant facial features of FAS (fetal alcohol […]



Boy, born 2010 HIV, cardiomyopathy, inguinal hernia, rickets, other congenital valgus deformity of the feet, anemia, disorder of the brain Diagnoses are outdated, from when he was a baby; so many things could have gone except for HIV.   *** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and […]


George and Dorothy

Boy, born 2010 Atrial septal defect (condition after surgery on December 20, 2012), mitral valve insufficiency of 2 stage, tricuspid insufficiency of 1-2 stage, circulatory deficiency of 1 stage, atrial septal defect Q 21.1, fetal alcohol syndrome, delay of physical and mental development – alcoholic embryopathy Q 86.0, severe astigmatism of both eyes H 52.2, […]


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Boy, Born May 2007 HIV+, FAS,  heart defect, vision issues (blind in one eye), moderate mental delay Relisted: Feb 28, 2014 Kristopher finally available again!!  Kristopher is a handsome young man with blonde hair and brown eyes.   He is very active and is said to be always happy, but he is quite delayed.  Kristopher has […]



BOY, Born August, 2005 Severe cognitive delay, HIV, congenital heart disease Listed: January 11, 2013 New photo Jan 2017. From his medical records:   HIV stage 3, without immunosuppression, delay of psychomotor and speech development, bacillosis *** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds. For […]


Felix 15H

Boy, born June 2008 Brown eyes Dark hair The nature of communicative HIV+ Felix was in a very good baby house, but HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED!! Felix’s grant of $753.00 was gifted to Colby in Asia.     ***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept […]


Sally 26HA

  Girl, born September 2008 Eyes: Blue Hair: blond Character: calm Such a little sweetpea! Little Sally has perinatal exposure to HIV; she was born slightly prematurely, at 35-36 weeks gestationally. She was born with Down syndrome, and a heart defect; an open atrioventicular canal. Complete form of atria septal defect – 4 mm, membranous […]



Boy, Born December 2006 HIV+, ADHD From his caregivers:  good results of blood tests; gets anti-retroviral therapy. Character: hyperactive, restless, jumpy, sometimes disruptive behaved Update Nov 2011:   Louis is a very active and communicative boy. He likes attention, he really needs a family. Just look at his smile. He is very sweet. *** I am […]


MAX & LENA for the Darrow family–TX

   Ukraine Follow the Darrow family’s adoption journey on their blog at n (Ray)and Amber (Alex) have been married 7 years.  They are blessed with 3 biological kids.  Their oldest Ian is almost 6.  He is sensitive, intense and passionate about everything, and loves to take things apart and figure out how they work.  Chava […]


Andrew P. 26HA

Date of Birth: July 2005 Andrew is a friendly and sociable boy who loves order which is immediately noticeable in his appearance – he is always combed and neat. He is a diligent and patient boy. These qualities help him to successfully develop new skills and apply them in practice. He grasps new concepts quickly. […]



Girl, Born 2004 HIV, FAS, ADHD Listed: August 7, 2010 Alicia was born to an HIV+ mother, and is HIV+ herself.  She has also has significant delays and challenges associated with her FAS.  (fetal alcohol syndrome).  We are waiting to learn if she has any medical complications, but she is cognitively delayed and does show […]


Our Waiting Children

Reece’s Rainbow is a  registered 501(c)3 charity which advocates and fundraises for the international adoption and rescue of children with Down syndrome specifically. Reece’s Rainbow is not an adoption agency and does not approve families for adoption, we are only a connecting point for these children to their “forever families”.  Reece’s Rainbow serves as a VOICE OF […]



You don’t have to adopt to make a difference! A new fundraising program is being launched for anyone who likes to run/walk in 5K/10K/30K events!  The program is called “One Step Closer to Home”, and provides you with a fabulous new graphic and opportunity to raise awareness and donations for Reece’s Rainbow. If you’d like […]