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Catherine is a sensitive little girl who gazes thoughtfully at people when they talk to her. When her caregiver gently touches her on the head, she will call “mama” and smile. Catherine is diagnosed with Down syndrome, and she also had surgery for a heart defect in February 2016. As of October 2016 she could […]


Catherine 23HA

Girl, born in November 2008 ***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors to continue their efforts! When and if […]


Staggering Statistics

Take a minute to read through this carefully.  It is mind boggling… In Central and Eastern European countries alone (this would include Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, etc, but NOT Russia), there are more than 1.5 MILLION CHILDREN who have been abandoned by their families for one reason or another and are living in “public care” (that’s […]


2 Girls for the Newsom Family — TN

Meet the Newsoms! The Newsom family is originally from Texas but moved to East Tennessee a little over two years ago. They love living in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains and exploring this beautiful part of the United States. Husband & father, Cass Newsom, was in the military for 8 years in both the […]


A CHILD for the Jagge family — TX

Meet the Jagge family from Texas – Theron, Kelci, Emma (10) and Hudson (2)! In 2020, Kelci came across an Instagram video that was posted by a Reece’s Rainbow family. Seeing how this family had drastically changed a life, the Jagges were drawn to do research on special needs orphans around the world. Reece’s Rainbow […]


A CHILD (or two) for the Morrison family — Canada

We are Dan and Jolene Morrison and we have three beautiful children, Sawyer, Quinn and Jax. We are your typical outgoing, fun loving, crazy family and we are in the process of growing our family through adoption. After everything that life has thrown at us we have decided that it is finally time to listen […]


A BOY for the Price family — IA

The Price Family is excited to expand their family through adoption! Joe and Amy have been married for 6 years and have 4 children; biological and adopted. Joe works in insurance and Amy is an interior designer and they live in Iowa. They are in the process of adopting a little boy from Bulgaria. Amy […]



Shyanne is a gorgeous 2-year-old little girl who is described as gentle and timid. She can stand up while holding onto a chair and her limbs are very flexible. Shyanne loves to eat and will finish her bottle of milk very quickly. She likes to smile at people she knows and loves to be held […]



Rupert is blind and participates in a program that provides high quality care and education for orphans who are blind or visually impaired. Every child has an individual education plan and the goal is to allow them to be independent and live life to the fullest. Rupert is a lovely little boy who has autistic […]



Nelton underwent a comprehensive assessment and joined a special education program inside the institute. We have a specialized teacher that plans specific content for him to learn every day. Since he began the special education class, Nelton has greatly improved. He is very interested in learning mathematics, art, and music. Everything that he studies, he […]



Natalya is a gentle baby who rarely cries. Active and curious, she is interested in colorful toys that make noise, and she often reaches her hands out to touch the cartoon characters painted on the wall. She loves being cuddled by her caregivers. Natalya is diagnosed with Down syndrome, and she has no other known […]



Nate is a gorgeous and active 14 month-old baby boy who likes being held by his caretaker. Nate likes bright colors and listening to music. He enjoys playing with the music rattle toy attached to his crib. He is attached to his caregiver and is very happy when he sees his caregiver coming, especially if […]



Marvelous Mavis will steal your heart! She is quick to smile and loves being picked up and held for comfort. Shortly after entering into the orphanage Mavis was diagnosed with epilepsy which is now managed by medication and careful attention to her diet. Mavis’ skills are steadily improving and with the support of her foster […]



Beautiful Jolie likes helping her caretaker, especially with caring for the younger children. She has good motor skills and she likes to play with the other children outside. She is able to run and jump. Jolie can’t pronounce words clearly, but she is able to express her needs well. If she can’t be understood, she […]



Huey was found at the newborn department of the hospital when he was 2 ½ weeks old. He was diagnosed as low birth weight and HIE (hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy) with a cerebral hemorrhage on the right side. He has normal intellectual and body development, but currently he does show delayed language skills. Huey is shy, compliant […]


Hallie Anne

Hallie Anne is a precious little girl. She has club feet, which are being treated with corrective shoes. Hallie Anne also had a diagnosis of dislocated hip, and a heart murmur was detected with no intervention mentioned in her report. There is the often-used diagnosis of “brain paralysis” in her file. Hallie Anne lives with […]



Calvin is very loved by his caretakers and he is a calm and sweet boy. Update May 2020: Calvin can sit alone, crawl around the mats, and walk on the flat ground without falling down. He is quite active, crawling or walking on the mats, playing with his favorite toys. He shakes toys, passes them […]



This precious little boy recently turned two years old and is ready for a family! Bernard can recognize the caretaker who takes care of him, as well as the children in the same room. He is handsome and has a sweet smile, but he is afraid of strangers. When the caretakers in the other room […]



Austyn is a miracle-in-the-making. He is significantly developmentally delayed in all areas. As he was previously in an institutionalized setting, he has made tremendous strides since arriving at the New Day Foster Home. Many have been praying for this special young boy and cheering for him. Recently, his adoption file has been completed in country, […]



Anderson is a precious little boy who loves outdoor activities like ball games. He can sometimes be active and lively and other times quiet. Anderson has strong imitating abilities. He tries hard to follow along with the morning exercises to music. Whenever it’s time to go outside, Anderson gets very excited and follows the teacher […]



Update May 2020: New photos & video! Abel is described as timid, shy, and gentle — and well-behaved. He is generally healthy, and not yet potty-trained. He can crawl and stand up when holding onto something, walking back and forth. He can pick up tiny things with his thumb and index finger. Abel gets along […]


A Child for the Dispenza family — LA

Patrick and Lindsey have devoted their lives to changing the lives of kids from all different backgrounds and abilities.  They always knew they would adopt internationally, but it wasn’t until 2020 when God said to step out in faith and they decided to push forward.  After fostering for over 10 years, they decided to pursue […]



Izzy has cerebral palsy. She transferred to her current home in June 2018 and has already made remarkable progress. She is incredibly bright, social, and affectionate. She previously had no exposure to English but now responds to several English commands. She also says several words such as “hi”, “bye”, and “more” and has picked up […]



From a family who met him in 2015: “Zeke is seriously one smart cookie!! He is walking GREAT now and was even jumping from a play mattress to join in the fun. He actually knows a few words in English as well, and I taught him to fist bump (and blow it up, ha ha) […]


QUINNLEE for the Ray family — KS

Hi! We are the Ray Family. We have been blessed with 3 bio kids, aged 16, 13, and 10, but we have felt a calling that our family is not quite complete. For a while, we were a foster care home, and while we learned a lot and were blessed by all the kids that […]


DONNA for the Debus family — APO

Jason grew up in Oklahoma and spent most of his life in Texas and Merilee is from Georgia. Their story didn’t begin until they met while working overseas in Tokyo, Japan. After falling in love and deciding they wanted to start a future together, they were married and began the hard work of blending their […]


BLAIR for the Cunningham family — VA

Jayme and her daughter, Londyn Grace, have prayed to grow their family. Jayme is a Supervisor for a restaurant chain in Virginia. She has worked for this company for 10 years and now has the flexibility to grow her family. At first, Jayme had considered fostering a child; however, she knew that her and Londyn […]


A GIRL for the Staley Family — WA

Hi there! We are the Staley Family. Paul is a Software Developer and SharePoint Administrator and Elizabeth a stay at home mom. Why do we want to adopt? The short answer is that we love being parents and we have the time and love to pour into a couple more kiddos. The long answer is […]


A CHILD for the Nymann family — Canada

John and Erin live in Ontario, Canada. Back in 2017 they flew with their whole family to Nigeria to adopt a little girl. It further opened up their eyes to the great need for adoption. So many children living in institutions, and on streets with little love and care. It was a real adventure, but […]


Donna #

Girl: 2011 Listed: Sep. 2020 Diagnosis: Moderate mental delays. Congenital cataract oculi utriusque (on both eyes). Concomitant convergent strabismus. Astigmatism oculi utriusque. Hyperkinetic behavior disorder. Low birth weight. Stable walk, climbs up and down stairs unassisted. Willingly and enthusiastically participates in the individual sport and kinesitherapy activities. Sociable, engages easily in interaction with peers and […]


SHELBY MAE for the Steyer family — OH

In 2013, when Nick and Val said yes to adopting a young boy from Ukraine that was being hosted in the US, they never dreamed answering God’s call would impact their lives so much. What they didn’t know was that little boy already had a family pursuing him. After much prayer they decided to continue […]


2 Boys for the Lewandowski family — NY

The Lewandowski family are in the process of adopting an aged-out boy – or two – from Eastern Europe. Kevin and Natalia met online. Both grew up in totally different communities, totally different surroundings, and totally different countries. Kevin was raised in family-oriented Polish community and has always seen his own role as a person […]


SIMONE for the Davis family — VA

Leah is a lifelong Navy sailor who grew up as a dependent and is now active duty. When she was a young girl living in Hawaii, her stay-at-home RN mother fostered several children under 2 who had special needs for a few months and one at a time while they were between more permanent homes. […]


The newest “colors” of Reece’s Rainbow  Home in 2021 Home in 2020 Home in 2019 Home in 2018   Home in 2017 Home in 2016 Home in 2015  Home in 2014    Home in 2013  Home in 2012  Home in 2011  Home in 2010  Home in 2009  Home in 2008  Home in 2007 Home in […]


CHIP for the Kosloski family — WI

Phil and Maggie have been married for 10 years and have been blessed with 5 beautiful children, ages 9, 7, 6, 4, and 3.  Phil is a writer and works from home.  Maggie homeschools the children and the whole family gets to spend most of their time together, which is something they do not take […]


A Girl for the Galaleo Family — FL

Hi! We’re Kristy and Dale, and we’re the Galaleo family! Dale and I first met in 2008 at the gym in where Dale was a spinning instructor and I was an admiring student. By day, I managed an aquarium and Dale built cool unmanned deep ocean gliders. We didn’t start dating until one Friday the […]


LUKE for the Weber family — VT

Jacob and Jacqueline met in 2000 at a Spirituality Retreat in the Pocono’s. They had a traditional courtship and wrote letters for the first many months of dating. They were both clear that they wanted to have a family someday. Jacqueline was called to work with adults with developmental delays which she has been doing […]


NORA for the Rice family – MI

Kathy will be adding another aging out child to her family! She returned home in May of 2018 with an almost 16-year-old with Down syndrome from Armenia. She is now working to bring home another daughter with DS from East Asia. This precious one has been on the hearts and minds of a lot of […]


DANNY for the Dunton family — NM

Jonathan and Leanne have known each other for as long as they can remember and have loved each other for over half of their lives. They were high school sweethearts which mostly consisted of passing notes to each other at church. They impatiently waited until Leanne was in college before they were allowed to officially […]


Lizzie and Luna

Girls, born 2008 & 2011 CO-8 Lizzie and Luna are sisters who have been in and out of care since they were little. Lizzie is the older sister and is described as shy and reserved. Lizzie enjoys dancing and watching cartoons. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up she says “to […]


A CHILD for the Fliflet family — CA

Amy & Kyle are so excited to welcome their first child into their lives through adoption! When they first began dating it was clear that they both wanted children and that they both had dreamed of growing their family through adoption. For Christmas one year Kyle gave Amy a card with appointments scheduled at multiple […]


Garrett #

Boy:  2016 Diagnosis: Down syndrome, polysyndactyly Listed: Jan 2019 Garrett is an adorable little boy, born in November of 2016 with Down syndrome, polysyndactyly (webbed fingers/toes) – 3rd and 4th fingers on both hands and 2nd and 3rd toe on both feet, congenital cardiac malformation – open foramen ovale with preserved chamber function (the foramen […]


A CHILD for the Perron family — MD

Brett and Jessica met 17 years ago while attending college in upstate New York. They currently live in Maryland with their 5 biological children. Clayton (13), Ava (11), Lyla (9), Allen (4) and Pierce (2), are the loves of their lives. Brett is a mechanical engineer and works as project developer at Ameresco Inc and […]



Girl, born 2004 HIV+, has appointments monthly at a government ART center. CD4 count is 750. Viral load is undetectable as of Feb 2018.  She started ARTs in Dec 2016. She looked very sickly when she arrived at SCH, as she hadn’t started ARTs yet, but now her face has filled out and she looks healthier. […]



Boy, born 2014 PRC Down syndrome Listed: September 2017 This darling little guy loves robots and is high functioning. He has mosaic DS and was abandoned at 1 year old. February 2019 Update: Louis’ caretakers report that Louis is introverted and obedient. He understands what adults say and has normal communication with other kids. Louis can […]


Guest Blogger: Chandres Pickett and Phyllis Stephenson

Family for all Ages Being Called to Adopt an Older Child by Chandres Pickett and Phyllis Stephenson As a society, we typically think of family and children with a vision of newborn babies, soft clothing, and new beginnings. This new journey fills us with hope and wonder for the future of our children. We dream of children […]


Charlie and Milo are turning two!

What a fantastic last year! These boys have truly grown by leaps and bounds since their first birthday bash. Our family has been greatly blessed in so many ways. We are blessed with these two boys – starting each morning greeted by their smiles, filling our days with their antics, and saying goodnight after singing […]



Boy, born 2011 PRC Down syndrome Listed: July 2017 Danny is a tenderhearted and genuine boy. He charms everyone he meets with that squinty-eyed smile! Danny is content in any situation and obeys well – he also is a fantastic school student in his foster home. Danny’s current agency is offering a $4000 grant to […]


Six Years Ago

  Remembering Mia’s Gotcha Day by Kecia Cox Six years ago today, after 4.5 years of being alone, inside orphanage walls and within orphanage gates, Mia took hold of two nearly strangers hands and with perfect trust she walked away from all she had ever known. She didn’t speak our language, she didn’t understand what was […]



Girl, born 2013 PRC Congenital retinal degeneration, developmental delays Listed: April 2017 UPDATE 2018:  There are several other photos & videos available.  Harlow desperately needs a family.   She really cannot wait years to be adopted without any medical care or better care at the orphanage to give her the stimulation she needs.  Without this care, she will […]





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