guardianangel Girl, born July 2012
malnutrition, developmental delay, oral deformity. ametropia and double strephenopodia

Hasini was wearing orthopedic shoes for rehabilitation as of the time her file was prepared. Hasini had a CT scan come back normal. There is a very good possibility that she has what is called Moebius Syndrome, which affects the muscles that control facial expressions and eye movements.
Hasini is described as gentle and quiet. From her outdated file: Hasini can sit stably for a long time now. She can use her left hand to go from lying down to sitting and can flexibly turn over. She likes to crawl backwards. When she is happy, she would grab the bed handrail to rock her body. She can clap and can grasp the toys attached to her bed. She can understand simple instructions. For example, if the caretaker asks her to put her hands down, she will do it. If tell her “we need to stand up,” she will give her hand to the adults because we have to help her up. She can make the “a” “e” “na” sounds. She falls asleep quickly. Hasini is afraid of strangers, but after some time, she gradually accepts the strangers. She likes playing with other kids.

A recent update states that she moved from foster care back to the orphanage recently. The update was not very positive, but Hasini has only been with them for a few months. The inability to make facial expressions may cause confusion for those who try to care and interact with her. Hasini needs a family who can see the beautiful little girl she is. Those with Moebius Syndrome do not smile with their mouths, but with their hearts. Will you be the lucky family who gets to see Hasini’s heart smile?

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