Ty (2)

Ty (1)Boy, born 2010
Microtia, absence of iris (Aniridic keratopathy?)

Listed: Sept 2015

Ty is a handsome little guy who will be 5 years old in September. He was found abandoned when he was about 4 months old. His initial exam at the orphanage discovered he has microtia affecting his right ear. Ty is able to hear. In fact, the orphanage staff reports his hearing is very good! Ty also has an absence of iris in both eyes. They have diagnosed him with cataracts, however, with the iris issue, he may have aniridic keratopathy.  Ty’s file was done when he was 2 years old, and we are waiting for more recent info. At 2, he was climbing into and out of his crib, and loved to play with toys. Ty was imitating, and saying a few words. His receptive speech was very good. Ty (at 2) did not like to be alone. That is the one time he would be very sad, Ty needs a family…one with several kids would be great! That way, he would always have someone around to play with. No more loneliness! Ty is waiting for you!

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