AlexaGirl, born May 2008
Cerebral palsy and congenital heart disease

Listed: Aug 2015

Alexa is listed as having a history of CHD (less of mitral regurgitation in systole, no others abnormal flow) and CP. Alexa is described as a fairly quiet girl with a sweet disposition. She enjoys listening to music and reading picture books. In the company of strangers Alexa will smile shyly, but when surrounded by those she knows she is said to play with her whole heart! Alexa enjoys outdoor activities and watching cartoons. Alexa’s gait is affected by her CP, but she is able to walk, climb, etc independently. She does need some assistance with eating because she has a hard time controlling her hands. Her language development is normal. She can understand everything, follow directions, and can use her words to communicate with others. She is described as a favorable child.

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