noelia-2016Girl, born 2010

Early antenatal central nervous system defect, microcephaly, cerebral palsy with a spastic feet paraparesis. Speech development delay. Lack of protein energy. Received primary latent hypothyreosis.

Listed: July 30, 2015

UPDATED 2016: Noelia has blue eyes and light brown hair. She is friendly, helpful, likes joking and laughing, strong will, adequate emotions and overall positive mood. She likes games with singing, she remembers and repeats movements. She has great interest in what is happening around her. She really likes individual consultations with specialists, enjoys walks – she walks with the help of walking frames. She has a good appetite and tries to talk, expresses interest in board games, but her focus is not firm, she has difficulty concentrating; speech delay, self-service skills like eating are well developed, but dressing up and going to the bathroom is problematic, probably due to the overbearing care of adults. Social worker says that she is doing much better than her diagnosis sounds.

Updated: Noelia is a tiny bit shy upon meeting strangers, but quickly loosens up. She smiled non stop during our whole visit, and loved playing with my phone to look at the pictures I took of her. She seems very bright! Noelia proudly showed us her bedroom, where she sleeps alone. She loves ponies! We brought her a “my little pony” type toy and she was thrilled. She took us upstairs to her room and put the pony with another one she already had there.

She walks alone without help, unless on stairs where she needs to hold on. She was not wearing any kind of leg brace. She is left handed and can write her name!

When I picked her up, she gently pushed my hair back from my face.

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