cadence-2016Girl, born 2010
Her official diagnoses are syndrome of movements disturbance, conformational abnormalities of brain, unspecific; other disorders of mental development.

new picture May 2017.

Sweet video of Cadence playing:

Her orphanage is not the best place to live in, but she “may” be transferred so to even worse place. She is a very good girl, very friendly and ready for the family.  She cannot talk, she only makes some sounds to express herself. She understands direct speech though.  Well-behaved and friendly girl.

From a family who met her in August 2017:
Cadence is a beautiful little blonde haired girl who has a sweet smile and gentle demeanor. We were told that she does not talk and is not potty trained but is very sweet-natured and kind. She reached out to us when we walked in the room. She was able to follow some simple directions given to her and was aware of the other children in her group. She is small for her age. She likes to be carried and held. She is not a favorite of the orphanage staff and is given very little attention. It is a poor orphanage with little resources. She needs a family willing to invest the time and energy into drawing her out of her shell.

She does NOT have an older brother, as was previous believed.

$1,694.10 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!