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Benjamin 2006Boy, born July 2006
Post-op cleft lip and palate

Listed: July 2015

Benji is post-operative for a cleft lip and palate. He is an active and restless boy. Compared with children the same age, he is delayed in language development. He can only say some simple words including brother, aunt, sister, etc. He can’t speak clearly and usually uses body language to express himself. Benji is able to take care of himself and he is in a second grade special education class in the orphanage. He has strong cognitive and receptive ability and is able to understand most of what teachers teach him. He likes to help the teachers by helping moving the seats, picking up toys, and sweeping and cleaning the floor. He enjoys watching cartoons, including Boonie Bears, GG bond, and Happy Goat and Bad Wolf. He enjoys outdoor activities and likes playing with toys and building blocks very much. Benjamin is a happy boy who would thrive in a family that could help him with his speech and possibly use some sign language with him while he is learning to communicate verbally.

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