Cece CollageGirl, born August 2006
Hemiplegia of the left side

Listed July 7, 2015

Adorable Cece has been waiting quite some time for a family to see her. Her listing agency was able to get a written update on her and there are many photos available of Cece from over the years that a family will be blessed to have! Cece is diagnosed with hemiplegia of the left side, though it seems Cece’s biggest need is her lack of communication and need for a family.She is delayed compared to her peers, but she can walk, run, jump and climbed stairs on her own. Her caretakers describe her as a quiet and lovely girl. She cannot speak yet, but when seeing the nannies or teachers she knows well, she will come up and take your hand, smiling. Cece is well behaved and obedient. Cece’s speech ability is delayed compared with other kids the same age. She can speak baby words only. Cece can follow one, two and three step directions. She is a sweet little girl who will thrive in a loving family.

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