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Byron (2)Byron (1)Boy, born October 2005
Cerebral Palsy

Listed: June 23, 2015

Byron is a bright child, whose cognitive abilities are the same as other children his age. He speaks in complete sentences with clear pronunciation, other than a slight regional accent. He has no problem communicating with adults, and can express his ideas and needs freely. In December, the orphanage sent him to a foster home for special training to help his cerebral palsy, and before too long they saw big improvements! His muscles were weak from lack of use, but he had a strong desire to learn to stand and walk. After six months of therapy he was basically independent in daily life. He gets along well with other children in the foster home and at school; when they occasionally have a disagreement they work it out quickly. He enjoys playing with toy cars and balls, and also likes drawing and doing handicrafts. Byron also loves field trips! This determined boy is waiting for a family who can help him continue his great progress!

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