denny-updateDennyBoy, born August 2006

Listed: May 2015

Denny has got some spunk and personality! Denny is diagnosed with hydrocephalus. His orphanage has asked for help in advocating for him because they feel he is special and are surprised he has waited so long. From an April 2015 update: Denny’s mental development is normal. His language is behind his same aged peers. He can only say one word or two words at one time. If there is something new, he will ask, “What is it?” Though he cannot speak a whole sentence, he can understand all directions from adults and can express his needs very well by words and body language. His response is quiet and he has good memory. He is fully potty trained. Denny is introverted, but he smiles a lot. He is stubborn sometimes, but he is well behaved and obedient. Denny’s gross motor skills are totally normal. He can run, walk, jump, walk upstairs and downstairs. His fine motor skills are also normal. Denny studies at home. A special education teacher visits him 1 or two times a week. He can catch up with his study. He is very attached to his foster grandma and he cares for other kids. Denny is very helpful. His foster grandma was cooking congee and he saw it was overcooked, so he rushed to tell the grandma right away. He helps take care of the younger kids in the family. Denny gets along well with other kids and adults around him. He has been with the same foster family since he was little.

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