Leopold (3) Leopold (1)Boy, born June 2012
post-op meningocele

Handsome 2.5 year old lovable Leopold is post-op for a meningocele. He’s working so hard to walk independently! From a recent update (4/2015)… Leopold can walk by holding one hand with an adult, but is not potty trained yet. He is a shy boy who is afraid of strangers. His fine motor skills and mental ability are the same as his peers. Leopold is in pre school in the orphanage and he can learn what the teacher teaches. He is very obedient. He is close to his foster mother and teachers and he gets along well with other kids and adults. His language is the same as kids the same age. He can speak whole sentences.Leopold stays with a foster family inside the orphanage. He used to live outside with another family. Last January he came back for PT so he moved to live with this family.

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