IMG_3685casey lynnElliot, boy, born 2004 – mental delays
Casey, girl, born 2008, healthy
Lynn, girl, born 2006, healthy

Listed: May 12, 2015

Casey,the younger girl was born in 2008 and has no SNs, just some kind of development delay. She is smart and active, participate in all orphanage performances. She has now been transferred as well.

Her older sister, Lynn, was transferred from her orphanage due to her age and in August she will be transferred again. She was born in 2006. By orphanage social worker her older sister is VERY smart and beautiful, no SNs, very active in all performances. She has now been transferred again

Both girls need a family asap!!!  These 2 siblings are to be adopted together for sure.

They have an older brother born in 2004. He is in the special school orphanage and has severe mental delays. 

If a family decides to adopt all 3 children it will be great!!! If they want only two younger siblings they are to be approved for 3 children and to get referral to meet ALL 3 siblings. Then if they decide not to adopt the oldest one we will do the best to “separate” them. I think it is possible, but we cannot guarantee it for sure.  They have a younger brother as well, and he has already been adopted.

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