Hallie AnneGirl, born March 2011
club feet, dislocated hip, some delays

Listed: April 2015

Hallie Anne is a precious little girl. She has club feet, which are being treated with corrective shoes. Hallie Anne also had a diagnosis of dislocated hip, and a heart murmur was detected with no intervention mentioned in her report. There is the often-used diagnosis of “brain paralysis” in her file. Hallie Anne lives with a foster family, and, considering her hip and feet issues, was developing well as of the file date (late 2013) She was walking with one hand held, loved to play hide and seek, and if she was thirsty, would locate her water bottle. Hallie Anne loves to play with other children, and warms up to strangers after a short while. Hallie Anne will certainly benefit from some physical therapy, and the love of her own family!

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