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jubileeJubileeGirl, 3 years old
Cerebral palsy and temporal lobe epilepsy

Listed April 2015

Sweet Jubilee is doing well. She has cerebral palsy and is on medication to control her seizures. Jubilee was a severely malnourished baby when we first met her, but she has gained weight well and is now a chubby little lady. Jubilee cannot sit up or roll over on her own, but she is receiving therapy to help increase her strength. She loves to stare at faces and responds really well to touch; if she is crying, she is easily soothed by being held. Only recently has Jubilee started to smile and laugh, and it is adorable. Sometimes, she will do this in response to being tickled, but over the past couple of weeks, we have seen her smile come out even more easily. Often a simple greeting or quick cuddle are enough to bring out Jubilee’s smile and it is sure to brighten your day.

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