Fiona updated CollageGirl, born July 2006
Sensitive special need

Listed:  April 13, 2015

Fiona is diagnosed as having a disorder of sex development (DSD). Her social sex is listed as female. Her file is very outdated and the agency has requested an update. Unfortunately, her orphanage does not seem very cooperative. They just said other than her listed special need, she is just like any other child. Fiona is potty trained. Fiona’s file states that she has been living in foster care and that she is active and energetic. It also notes that she communicates fluently.

Update 6/2015: Fiona’s hobbies include calligraphy, rope jumping, and roller-skating. She is active, outgoing, straight forward, cute, and has a quick response. She likes studying and obeys the school rules. She is good at concentrating on studying and finishes her school work on time. She actively takes part in school activities. They’ve described her as a healthy girl.

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