aaronaaron-2015Boy, born 2003

Listed: August 4, 2010

Aaron was also previously listed as “Anderson”.

From a family who has met him many times:
This boy is absolutely exploding with energy. He’s really unsteady on his feet so he’s constantly roaming the halls half-running/half-falling. He loves to touch and craves physical contact. Sometimes we can get a glorious moment of quiet when he will just let us hold him and wrap our arms around him. He really does love that and it does wonders for his brain development. It’s just a matter of getting him still enough to realize he likes it!

He loves any kind of sensory play, like feeling the dirt outside and holding his hand under a running faucet. He likes to sit in a wheelchair and be pushed around, even though he doesn’t need a wheelchair! The best thing we can do for him is take him on walks. He likes to be outside so sometimes we just get him outside and follow wherever he leads. He doesn’t have any words, but when he gets excited he gives his signature shriek to let us know he’s excited. He needs a family who can provide him with a lot of structure. Right now he is constantly seeking sensory input, and getting into a lot of trouble doing that. We believe he would thrive within the structure and love of a family.

Aaron has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant.