Elizabeth MAAGirl, born February 2007
Cerebral palsy and strabismus

Listed: April 2015

From a March 2015 update:

Elizabeth is very smart and has normal intelligence. If she was given a chance to go to school, she would have no problem learning. Her cognitive ability is good enough to learn a lot and to take good care of herself in daily life. She can put on and take off her clothing, go to the bathroom independently, climb stairs, play with toys, ride toy cars, etc. Elizabeth can walk when leaning on the wall or holding the rails. If there is nothing to lean on, she walks on her knees. She knows when to go to toilet in the day time and night time. She is attached to her caretakers. When she is unhappy, praise her or give her some snacks. Elizabeth has a very good appetite and likes to have snacks. She sleeps through the night and takes a nap in the day time.She has many good friends and gets along well with others. Elizabeth is quite extroverted and often says hello to others. She is a good girl with a loving heart. She likes smiling, playing, and focuses on being concerned for others. She also loves to show her best in front of those she is familiar with. Elizabeth is waiting for her family. Are you the one she is waiting for?

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