Felicity (1)FelicityGirl, born February 2011Felicity (2)
Down syndrome

Updated April 2016:
Felicity is a very cute little girl, who warmed up to our staff quickly when they visited in April 2016. Another little girl put a crown on her head at the nanny’s request, which Felicity didn’t seem to mind! She is diagnosed with Down syndrome, as well as a heart murmur. She is able to walk and run well. Her speech is not always clear, but staff heard her say “mama” very clearly. Caregivers say it seems like she tries to put 2-3 words together, but they can’t always tell. She’s a very social little girl, who loves to be playing with other kids. A natural little leader, she can become loud trying to get the other children’s attention and get them to follow her! She follows basic directions, but isn’t receiving any formal teaching yet. When asked to point to parts of the face (eyes, ears, nose, mouth) she could do so. Our staff watched her put together duplo blocks very well!

There is a $4000 Child Grant that may be available to families through the agency.

*** Felicity has received a $5,000 Older Child Grant***

$20,600.66 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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