Cai CollageBoy, born January 2010
1. cerebral development malformation; 2. red capillary hemangioma on the forehead

Listed: Feb 2015

Precious Cai is diagnosed as having: 1. cerebral development malformation 2. red capillary hemangioma on the forehead. At one point he was living in an orphanage where his needs were not being met and he was seen to have developmental delays, especially in the area of language. He is now in care of an amazing foster center where he is receiving phenomenal care. It is clear that he is happy, loved, and doing quite well! Cai is now treasured and is thriving. What he really needs most is a forever family of his own! Could you be Cai’s family?

From his file: Cai likes playing in the activity room and is fond of listening to music and playing with toys, especially balls. He is attached to familiar people and he enjoys the care and comfort of others. Cai understands the instructions given by his caretakers. He has a ready smile, gets along well with others, and he is a pretty happy boy most of the time!

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