Meredith (2)Girl, born August 2006
Right Cross foot; CHD

Listed: February 11, 2015

Meet 10 year old Meredith! Meredith is a strong and resilient little girl. She is diagnosed as having right cross foot and a Congenital Heart Defect. Her file does not mention the specific type, but does say- Suggestion: Aneurysm of ventricular septum, no defect; Mild eccentric aortic regurgitation; Right heart larger with tricuspid regurgitation (mild-medium); PH (severe). Meredith has not had surgery to repair her heart and she is starting to tire more easily because of the severe PH. She needs to come home and know what it means to be loved by a family. February is Heart Awareness Month…what better month for this child to finally find her family!

Meredith is self-sufficient and sweet. She loves to draw and play with others. She is described as lively, talkative, and cheerful. Meredith’s favorite subject in school is English. Meredith has a little trouble concentrating in school and needs a lot of repetition in her studies to help aid in memorizing information. She is quick to ask questions to learn more though! Meredith likes when the attention is on her and she is working on sharing. She communicates well and is a very polite little girl who is quick to greet new people. Meredith can be seen in these two videos with her friend who has a wonderful family in the adoption process.

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